With the world changing in terms of year and our calenders reverting back to January, I felt compelled to compile a list of "must read" eBooks that is useful, entertaining, and diverse. The new year 2012 is sure to be an interesting for sure, especially given that it is supposed to be the "end of the world" on the watch of many people who adhere to Mayan tradition and those who have been enraptured by the many documentaries and television programs highlighting this current year. Regardless of whether or not the end comes this year (I would highly doubt it myself), this list of great e-books is sure to keep you amused. Best of all, most of these are inexpensive and even a few of them are FREE. While your here on this page, if you have any eBooks (or hardcover ones as well) feel free to leave a comment letting me know your favorites that other people should read!

1. Write eBooks: Make Money-The No-Fear Guide to Writing Your Own Money-Spinning eBook by April Manning

A great part about the New Year is that it really inspires people to change their lives for the better. What better way to do this then learn how to make more money? While money is certainly not everything in life, many people are waiting in an unemployment line and just getting by on the low wage they make at their current job. In fact, I have been inspired to seek out money making methods online myself (as a student in college, recently laid off of my job and dealing with medical problems). I am not what I would call a "lazy" person by any stretch, however my interests are much different then working a typical 9-5 job at Wal-Mart (like I was doing!). I have made close to $1,000 dollars in the past few months; and have been using great books like this one to help me develop my own eBook (which is not yet released) and examine alternative ways to make more money on the internet. If you enjoy writing and want to turn it into something that can earn you money, then definitely check out this book by April Manning.

2. You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises by Joshua Clark and Mark Lauren

What would the New Year 2012 be like without some people setting New Year resolutions to lose weight, join the gym, get in shape, and become an overall healthier person? When it comes to health and fitness related eBooks (or even just regular books, as this one comes in paperback as well!); You Are Your Own Gym has risen to the top above all of the mediocre and pointless reads that you can find in this genre. The workout is heavily inspired by military routines, though comes in a variety of different levels from Basic (for those just getting into exercise and working out) to the more advanced workouts like the Master Class and Chief Class (as this book so nicely defines them). In reading this book, I was often reminded of the P90X DVD series that has transformed the lives of many people, and I imagine that pairing both that DVD and this book together will give you the life changing benefits you desire. Of course, losing weight and getting in shape is never an easy thing; so be prepared. Having a guide like this book a great start!

3. The Secret Code of Jewish Years by Rabbi Mordechai Bulua

While I am not a Jew myself, to diversify this list of great eBooks I would like to suggest this book both because of it's content, academic value, and cultural outlook. While I certainly do not agree with many of the sentiments found in this book (I find it to be similar in nature to books like The Bible Code), I do find it entertaining in quite a few manners. Additionally, just because I disagree with a book does not mean I have to dismiss it entirely like so many other people tend to do with things they do not agree with. This book is essentially one of prophecy, examining things stated in the Torah (the Jewish Bible essentially) and how they have played out in current world affairs throughout the years. From what I can tell, in Jewish circles this book is particularly well received; and I only beg of my readers here on InfoBarrel to think outside the box and check this book out. For a mere $5 dollars, I would say that is five dollars well spent! 

4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I have decided to feature The Hunger Games on this list for a variety of reasons. First, it is growing in popularity extensively and by the end of the year we will be seeing a film adaptation. Second, it is poised to be the next "hot thing" following on the heals of success of films like Twilight and Harry Potter. Third, while this book may be best known for it's physical manifestation; you can get this book at a very low cost (or even free on Amazon if you have a Prime Membership!) in eBook format. This book has inspired a lot of recent conversation in my household, with my sister essentially leading the charge. I have yet to read this for myself, but from what I am hearing I cannot wait to dig into it; not to mention see the movie of it as well!

5. The New Rules of Viral Marketing by David Meerman Scott

It is no secret that many people want to open up their own business, or find some alternative way to make extra money (or maybe even make enough money to quit their day job!). With 2012 now here, I am certain many people are dying to learn how to make money online; and as a result I have tracked down a free e-book that has gained a lot of steam in recent month that has a heavy focus on making money and marketing your products. You can read what Mr. Scott has to say about this free book on his blog here (also included are download links to the free .pdf file as well). While this eBook will not give you a great product, website, or other entrepreneurial ideas; once you have one this book will be essential for learning how to market them properly.

6. A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is a timeless classic in literature, and though Christmas has come and gone in 2011; this story is a must read and perhaps will keep you in the holiday mood just a little while longer. I especially wanted to feature this book because recently I had a discussion with a friend who had never heard of this book, or even any of the story elements (which is amazing, considering how prominent it is in American culture; with such film adaptions like The Muppet's Christmas Carol). This book is entertaining, and has a story that stretches far beyond the setting of a Christmas time of year. Oh, and by the way, it is also available for free as it is found in the public domain.

Extra Read: InfoBarrel Success eBook Course

This is an additional recommended eBook (or rather, series of eBooks) written by two InfoBarrel users: x3xsolxdierx3x and jcmayer777. The former author is actually my brother, but don't take this as just a shameless promotion for his book; as the content is very rich, heavily reviewed with praise from both InfoBarrel staff and other highly esteemed entrepreneurs on the internet. This book series is useful for getting a grasp on how to make money on the internet, and is specifically catered to individuals using InfoBarrel as well. It speaks in detail about a variety of topics, and is written by two rather successful InfoBarrel members. Many will easily recognize jcmayer777 because he is often featured here on InfoBarrel with his success story as he has been able to make around ~$3,000 thousands dollars a month with his writing here. If you are interested in making legitimate money here on InfoBarrel, this is an excellent tool to have. Highly recommended on so many grounds. You can check out the eBooks and purchase them on the website InfoBarrel Success.

I hope you have enjoyed this rather interesting collection of e-books for the New Year of 2012. I have tried to keep it varied for the many needs you undoubtedly have going into the new year, whether they be making money, getting healthier and losing weight, or just simply wanting to be entertained and amused by some new reads. Hopefully you are able to keep your New Year resolution and find something great to be interested and comitted too. If you have a favorite ebook (or book), feel free to mention it below for everyone to check out!

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