6 Habits of Remarkably Likable People

Everyone wants to be liked. For some it comes easily, for others it requires some practice. Likeable people are genuine, intuitive and encouraging. They can make you open up about yourself and bring the best out of you, without you ever realising they are doing it. They are warm and engaging and are an asset to have in any social situation. The following is a list of traits, or habits, of remarkably likeable people. 

They are genuine

Likeable people are genuine, in their mannerisms, the way they speak, and how they feel and act. They don’t live under any pretence; they have no interest in being anything they are not. They seek to have meaningful interactions with the people they meet, or spend time with. Nothing is a competition; they are not ashamed or afraid to talk about their weaknesses or failings, as they are simply opportunities for them to learn, and to improve.

They don’t ask for anything

They don’t want anything from you, other than your time. They want to spend time with you, speak to you, listen to you and learn from you. They have no hidden agenda or motives, they are not interested in name dropping or networking or taking anything from you that you are not willing to give yourself. 

They are not dominant

Likeable people don’t force their presence on anyone when they enter a room. They are not the Alpha and Omega, the be all and end all of any social situation. They don’t try to take over conversations by being the loudest or the smartest or the funniest. They don’t force others into submission with their body language. They remain neutral and open and inviting to others.

They understand the power of touch

People instinctively need human touch, in a range of ways, and likeable people know this. A firm handshake, a light touch to the shoulder or arm can be an incredibly rewarding way to understand that you are being listened to, and engaged with. A large part of how we communicate as people is demonstrated through body language, and physical contact with another person can speak volumes.

They can make you open up

Likeable people know how to sway the conversation. They can have you talking about all sorts of things, public or private, without you even realising you’re doing it, and without them ever revealing anything about themselves. The aim is not for them to dominate the conversation or to regale you with stories of their achievements, but to create an inviting, comfortable atmosphere for you to open up in. They have no hidden agenda. They are not seeking information or ammunition. They just know that people like to talk about themselves, and create the opportunity for their companions to do so.

They understand it isn’t as simple as it looks

Being likeable isn’t easy. While most people have the ability or personality to be naturally nurturing or inviting, for many it can take some work. To be able to stop, and listen, and really genuinely have an interest in other people can take some practice. Stop thinking about what you can gain from your social interactions; instead think about what you can learn. Lose the desire to dominate people or situations. It’s not about being submissive, but about levelling the playing field, seeing and experiencing what we can learn about ourselves, from other people.