Without the patronage and business provide by paying customers many firms and businesses would not be able to stay in business. Many business owners know that providing good customer service is imperative if they are to survive in a competitive market. Providing staff with proper guidelines to follow is therefore important in educating them on how to interact with customers. By providing customers with a feeling they have been given exceptional service will leave them with a feeling of satisfaction and a desire to deal with your business again in the future.
The following are 6 helpful customer service tips that may assist your staff on how to effectively interact with customers –

1. Upon arrival of customers, clients or visitors to the premises always acknowledge them with a friendly smile and warm welcome. A simple "hello" or "good morning" or "good afternoon" is perfectly acceptable.

2. If you are busy or dealing with another customer and unable to attend to the needs of incoming customers, inform them you will attend in a minute or two. Customers will understand your situation and by letting them know you are aware they are waiting, indicates you are keen to assist them as soon as possible.

3. If a customer asks for a product, item or service you can supply then it will be a simple matter of getting it, packaging it up and making the sale. However, if a product is unavailable, sold out or not in stock then the key is to try and do something about it. This could be managed for example by making enquiries to find out if you can source the product required from the supplier or another sister store. At all times keep the customer fully informed of what you are doing and what is happening. If you exhaust all avenues tell the customer what you have done. By doing so you are making the customer aware you have gone the extra mile to help even though you have not been able to help in the end.

4. Be courteous and friendly at all times.

5. If you have completed a sale for a customer, always thank them and ask whether there is anything else you can do for them. Alternatively, if you are unable to help a customer asking whether there is anything else you can do to help may lead to the sale of an alternative or another product that would suit the customer's requirements.

6. Always bear in mind that every customer is a potential future return customer who could in turn influence other people such as family members, friends and work colleagues to visit your store or business. It is therefore extremely important to always value your customers business.