College students usually end up running short of money. This is the reason they are constantly on the lookout for part time jobs that will earn them some spending money. Formerly, this meant tasks like mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, or babysitting. But thanks to Internet, there are new avenues that are now available to these students for earning income online.

Income from online tasks is now comparable to income from former part time jobs. Online jobs for students include data entry jobs, content writing jobs, data analysis jobs, accounting jobs, resume preparation jobs, marketing jobs, transcription jobs, etc.  Here are the six jobs that are in most demand.

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are targeted at people who have few skills. The list of such people includes college students. However, it is necessary to confirm whether the data entry job offer is authentic as there plenty of people taking others for ride.

Content Writing

Content writing jobs pay well, provided the student has done a fair amount of research and can write articles well. As of date, earnings from content writing can vary between 1 dollar to 20 dollars or even more depending upon the length of the content, and technical nature of the matter. There are a few websites such as,,, etc., which offer a variety of tasks to choose from. Sites like even offer some software writing assignments.

Data Analysis

Data analysis and abstracting jobs are not as common, but fairly easy to do. They basically require the student to classify data based on given parameters, and give a description of the data in brief.

Resume Preparation

Resume preparation jobs are also offloaded to the online working community as are accounting jobs and transcription jobs. Resume preparation entails understanding the job requirement, and emphasizing suitable qualifications of the job aspirant for that job.


Transcription jobs include legal transcription as well as medical transcription. Accent plays an important role here because people from different parts of the world talk in different accents. Therefore, accent of an Australian is different from the accent of a person from the UK. Transcription, therefore, is not everybody’s cup of tea, but it is possible to earn reasonable income from it.


Marketing jobs are one of the most common online jobs as online affiliate marketing networks offer better marketing results. Students can prepare their website or blog and drive traffic towards it using other methods such as blog commenting. Alternately, the student can write interesting content that will bring traffic to the site. Keywords and advertisements are important for earning more from such initiatives.

A college student can find many jobs suiting his or her ability and knowledge. Such jobs may include rewriting tasks and translation tasks as well. The complexity of the task determines the earnings.

In conclusion, online jobs for college students are can be good substitutes for conventional full time jobs. It is possible to earn a substantial income from working on the internet.