These days, almost everyone must have heard about the VoIP phone service system which is another innovative technology that owes its discovery to the advent of the Internet. The discovery of the VoIP has pushed down the cost of voice calls and even made such services more efficient.

People no longer have to go through a telephone operator for any long distance call where they would have been put on hold until the number they are trying to call would have been reached or contacted. Our society has also said goodbye to the expensive bills we usually have to pay for long distance calls. With the advent of the Internet, voice transfer is now a possible. Voice clarity is no longer a dream or an illusion and with a combination of higher technology, our communication systems have grown.

Here are six key facts about VoIP you most probably do not know

Fact #1:

VoIP is a Phone Service System That Simply Uses the Internet as a Medium

A VoIP phone service is a basic communication service that allows the transfer of voice data via the Internet using a common Internet data traffic. VoIP is also known as Broadband Telephony, IP Telephony or Internet Telephony. When a broadband connection is utilized, it's known as Broadband Telephony.

Irrespective of the term you choose to relate a VoIP service to, the basic fact you must just know is that while a VoIP Phone system works via the Internet, its functionality goes beyond voice communication via an Internet line.

Fact #2:

A VoIP Phone Service Uses Already Existing Communication Infrastructures

Unlike a traditional telephone system or line, the VoIP system uses an already existing telecommunication infrastructures or equipments that have already been pre-installed to work with the internet to convert speech signals into a digital audio format which is then sent through as packet data forms.

Since VoIP Phone service can be interfaced somehow with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN), calls from a VoIP system can then be routed from one VoIP phone to another, to a computer system, to a mobile phone or to a traditional telephone line.

Fact #3:

A VoIP Phone Service Can Offer Similar Services like a Traditional Telephone System

The services on offer from most VoIP networks are quite similar to what you will find from your regular phone service networks - the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN). Some of these services or features include call waiting, automatic redial, call forwarding, caller identification, call conferencing and so many more.

Fact #4: A VoIP Phone Service is More Secured

When you are talking of security, a VoIP Phone system really has an edge over the regular telephone systems of communication. Unlike the structures of the regular telephony systems, the audio contents of a VoIP Phone system splits into several different pieces which are actually in short extensions and are sent over the Internet in forms of packets.

These packets are not necessarily received via a transitional and sequential point. As a result, conversations handled via a VoIP service cannot be easily interrupted or interfered.

Fact #5: VoIP Phone Systems Are Quite Cheap and Affordable

The popularity of the VoIP Phone Service System in recent times has been adduced to its rate of improvement. However, it comes as a very pocket friendly, cheaper solution for voice communication to many of its users.

A lot of them forget about the switching devices or cables that has to be installed on them for voice communication because the Internet medium carries pre-installed devices and some other vital infrastructures they might need which really reduces their costs. This is one of the reasons why we say the VoIP phone system is more economical.

Fact #6: A VoIP Phone System Never Depends On Location

While the regular telephone line system depends on locations to function well, a VoIP system does not. It never demands you make calls or need to be at certain places to make a call. All you just need to do is to turn on this feature and make the call - dial the number. When you call international numbers, you will do so at the prevailing local rates in those places.

If there's any other thing you need to know, I think it's this: The VoIP Phone Service System is the ultimate communication system you have been looking for and you will be missing a great deal if you don't start using one today.

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