These Six Kitchen Gadgets are the Cream of the Crop

Hosting dinner parties can be incredibly rewarding.  You strengthen your relationships with others, share some great food together, and (if you're like me and enjoy gadgets) get to play with some really cool gadgets.

The next time you host a dinner party, make sure you have these six gadgets on hand.  Your dinner hosts will enjoy them, too!

Molecular Gastronomy KitCredit: www.fastcodesign.com6.  The Molecular Gastronomy Kit

For scientific types, the Molecular Gastronomy Kit from MOLECULE-R (pun intended, most certainly) will stoke your cooking fires (hopefully you keep a fire extinguisher nearby). 

Want to instantly freeze your cream into a delectable frozen dessert?  Try adding some liquid nitrogen (included!) to it.  50 recipes included.

Instructions come on a DVD, but a quick search on YouTube ought to uncover them, as well.

Lekue Ice Cube TrayCredit: www.fastcodesign.com5.  Lekue Ice "Cube" Tray

It's time we acknowledge the truth.  Those plastic trays we've been pouring water into and placing in our freezer aren't really "cubes."  They're hexahedrons, if you want to be exact.  

If you're a kitchen nerd, you'll love this ice cube tray.  Designed to make 4cm cubes of ice, not only will these ice cubes outlast ordinary blocks of ice because they're larger, but they'll inspire conversation and liven up your party, making you the hostest with the mostest.  

Zing Anything Bottle InfuserCredit: www.fastcodesign.com4.  Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker

Infuse your favorite flavors into almost any liquid you can think of!  With two sets of blades in the bottom, this flavor infuser from Zing Anything LLC adds the absolute freshest and deepest flavors possible to your beverage of choice.  

Try it with lemons and water in the summertime along with your own soda making kit, or add a dash of fun to martinis and vodka, straight.  Now you're talking.

3.  Joseph Joseph 2-in-1 Twist Whisk

Joseph Joseph Twist WhiskCredit: www.fastcodesign.comFrom kitchen gadget geniuses Joseph Joseph, this handy folding whisk will lay flat in any crowded kitchen drawer and is great for travel excursions due to its low profile and lightweight construction.

Use it folded for shallow bowls or wide open for beating egg whites into super-stiff peaks.  Dishwasher-safe and non-stick.

Pick this up at Amazon or Sur La Table.

2.  Joseph Joseph TriScale Compact Folding Digital Scale

Joseph Joseph TriScaleCredit: www.fastcodesign.comEvery serious baker wants to make the best-tasting recipes.  The TriScale from Joseph Joseph makes this possible.  

Dry ingredients are best measured by weight, and the TriScale makes it even easier.  Just fold out the legs, set your empty bowl on top, and press the 'zero' button.  Pour in your dry ingredients and you're well on your way to foodie bliss.  The legs are long enough to view the large LCD readout from underneath almost any size kitchen bowl, too, so have at it!

1.  The Kebo One Handed Bottle Opener

Kebo One Handed Bottle OpenerCredit: www.fastcodesign.comThis handy gadget makes hosting dinner parties a snap, especially when you're serving brewski.  It not only keeps your other hand free for checking Facebook and Twitter, but it keeps the cap flat so you can a) reuse it later and b) add it to your collection.  Admit it, you collect bottle caps, too. 

To access the full list, click here to view the list on  Happy hosting!!