You know that the best way to reach out your business to wider audience is to launch a website of your business. Even after you have done the search engine optimization of your website for the best keywords, you are site is unable to receive steady traffic. You will notice that no matter what you do, your site is still ranking way behind in the Google search results. What is the reason that you are not receiving good traffic? The answer is there are very few links that are leading to your site.

Inbound links coming from other sites are called backlinks. If done effectively, backlinking can bring in good traffic to your site. Sites that receive many links are often ranked well on search engines. In other words, if many websites have links that lead to your website, your site will rank better on search results. Here are some tips that are required to improve your SEO ranking:


Here are some tips that are required to improve your SEO ranking:

Quality links
Some people who know that backlinking is very important, they try to link hundreds of sites to their site. Even after doing this, your site will have very low performance on search engines. The reason behind it is that most of the sites that are used for backlinking may not be performing well on the search engine. Hence, the best thing you should do is to make sure that you place your links on well-performing sites. Links from such sites are called quality links. The more the number of quality links your site receives, the better it will position on search results.

Links from relevant sites
This is also one of the important aspects of link building. You should do backlinking with those sites that have same niche like yours. For instance, if your site is about selling fashion apparels, you should not be linking to tech websites. People who are tech related content such as smartphone reviews or laptop reviews will never click on the link that leads to a site of fashion apparels. Hence, you must do backlinking with relevant sites.

Quality content
You can use linkbait to bring in good traffic to your site. Linkbait is content that contains good quality useful information. Many will be interested in linking to such topical contents and share on their sites and various places like Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. This helps in creating valuable backlinks that effectively helps in bringing good traffic.

Provide something valuable to others to get quality link
Create high quality content with an anchor text that is hyperlinked to your site and offer the content to sites that have relevant niches like yours. You can even approach sites and ask the siteowner whether you can write a guest post for his site. Make sure the guest post you create is written on hot topics that is being actively search by people on the web.

List your site on online directories
Getting your site listed on online directories like is very crucial as it will list your site under several categories with a backlink that will lead the person to your site. An important thing to consider is that you should list your site with online directories that are relevant to your industry.

Be wise in buying links
Link building is a very effective way to bring good traffic to your site; however it consumes a lot of time. You can approach an SEO firm and purchase links from them but make sure those links are not spammy and from crap sites. However, you can ask them to provide with quality links and you will be able to expose your site to many target customers.

Avail link building service or purchase quality links from a leading link building company to boost your website’s ranking on search engines.