Dogs are considered as man's best friend because of their lasting bonds with their masters. But still, people are often confused why such cuddly and trustworthy animals attack and bite other people, especially children. Through the centuries, many beliefs have surfaced about these dog bite attacks. Unfortunately, many of them are non-factual, and others are misconceptions.

Below are six myths and misconceptions that should be clarified in order to avoid confusion:

  1. Only stray dogs attack people.
  2. Dogs are responsible animals when they are in groups.
  3. Only certain types of dogs attack other people.
  4. Killing the dog after it has bitten someone will weaken the rabies it has transferred to the dog attack victim.
  5. Cute house dogs do not attack other people.
  6. A dog will bite someone just because it wants to.

These are just a few of the misconceptions people have on dogs and cats as well. There are still dozens of myths that dog owners should be aware of in order to prevent dog bite accidents and injuries. If an individual's pet dog attacked somebody, he would be held liable for the damages and injuries of the victim under the strict liability principle.

To prevent these kinds of situations, he should make sure to take the following actions:

  • Isolate the dog from children and other people to reduce the risks of dog bite attacks.
  • Do not disturb it while it is sleeping. It may bite the person out of instinct.
  • Never interfere when your dog is eating. It may think that you want to share its food.
  • Place a fence around the perimeter of your pet's territory, and make sure it cannot escape neither can kids enter the area.

Aside from these steps, you can also take your dog to a veterinarian for anti-rabies shots at least once a year. Let the veterinarian check your dog's health, and ask him regarding the dog's attitude and habits toward people. This way, you would be able to understand your pet better.

Dog attack accidents often occur because of the negligence of the owner. If this happens, the victim has the right to get a Los Angeles dog bite attorney and file a personal injury complaint against him. Unless the victim was the one at fault, such cases often spell unexpected expenses for dog owners. If you do not want to suffer the same consequences, just make sure your dog is secured.