Other Uses For Swimming Pools For Kids


If you have ever lived in a hot region, you would've probably known that swimming is by far one of the most entertaining sports activities to do in the summer. If you have ever had kids, then you would've probably also knew that plastic pools are such a pain in the butt when it comes to the winter when your children are crying out loud just for you to put the water back into the pool. Those sad swimming pools for kids! Well, fortunately, except for swimming, plastic pools can also be used for a variety of other purposes! Here are six other great alternatives for the inflatable kid pools when swimming is not the top priority!

1. Plastic Play Park
If you have ever visited a child day care center, you probably would've noticed the little corner with yellow, red, and blue balls inside. Well, why not turn your plastic pools into one of those things! Kids love these pits and plastic balls are extremely safe. Besides, this could save you a lot of money compared to buying a custom made ball pit just for your children.

2. Sand Box City
Visit your local Home Depot and bring back some bags of sand. Create a sand box and throw your kids inside. Provide them with a shovel and a bucket full of water, and the next thing you know, there will be a mega-city just outside your backdoor!

3. Bubble Bath/Party
Bathtub too small? Move to your backyard and have an upgrade. It is better to use warm water, but when no hoses are that long in your house, cold water works fine too. If your plastic pool is big enough, be sure to invite some neighbors over. Buy a few bubble blowers and some coffees: kids can have all the fun they want, while parents can still enjoy just the same kind of atmosphere! A barbeque dinner could work here well too.

4. Dog Wash Service
Do you own a dog and don't want your whole restroom submerged in water? Well, a dog wash in the plastic pool might just be the thing for you. Yep, make these into pools for dogs! Just remember to do it in the driveway or your roof, because chlorines in tap water are harmful to plants, and washing soaps are definitely not any better.

5. Animal Habitat
Do you have a turtle, a hamster, or a dog? If your plastic pool is small, be sure to turn it into a temporary habitat for your little pets. Fill it in with some sand, water bucket, and food case and there you are: a perfect shelter for the long winter. This technique is indeed very doable; my friend actually gave his turtles his small plastic pool as a permanent shelter (but just a note, his kids are already way past the teens).

6. Personal Garden
If you are a city-dweller and would like to have a small personal garden, then plastic pools could just be your planting platform. If you no longer wish to use this pool, be sure to punch several holes on the bottom of the surface. Grab some sand and fertilizer and go your closet Home Depot. Next thing you know, you've got your small personal, yet somewhat portable, garden!