From neon-colored visors to way-too-short skirts, golfing attire leaves much to be desired. Here is a small collection of what not to wear out on the golf course.

  1. Mixed and matched patterns: No matter how you slice it, plaid does not match argyle, and if you attempt to do so, you will look foolish! Two wrongs don't make a right, and even two rights don't always make a right. Overdoing it with the patterns is a faux pas you learn in golf fashion 101.
  2. Floral designs: Most floral patterns found an odd place in the lost fashion sense of the early to mid-nineties, and should definitely stay there alongside the excessive shoulder pads. While paisley is mildly acceptable, large floral patterns that resemble a photograph you took of a garden on a trip to St. Maarten in the eighties are certainly not. We are not talking Hawaiian luau shirts here; I mean those awkward patterns that were made into dresses and pants two decades ago. Let's not reawaken the past.
  3. Neon visors: You could wear all black or all white and that bright neon green visor would still be unacceptable. Not to mention that it would probably glow brighter than the sunlight you are trying to avoid. There are some ridiculous plaid visors that are even considered appropriate women's golf clothing, so leave the neon visor for your 8-year old.
  4. High Heels: Listen ladies, we all like to look good on the golf course, but you will be on your feet for hours. Even if you are just a spectator, or you plan on sitting in the golf cart most of the day, dress comfortably and respectfully. Stick your heels in the closet and put your KEDS back into commission for an afternoon.
  5. Too short: We all know that golfing is a sport that expects a little finesse, which is why the outfits are more formal than other sports. That being said, show some respect for yourself and those you are golfing with and don't wear booty shorts, skirts, or skorts.
  6. Underdressed: Finally, in the spirit of keeping it classy, be sure to dress up just a little. Sweatpants are not acceptable, but fashionable and comfortable "active wear" is. No need to wear a suit and tie or your prom dress here, but make sure you won't be turned away from the country club based on your attire, just in case.