The internet has given millions of people the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want as long as they have some kind of internet connection. With the internet we can access almost any kind of information we can think of. We get instant access to news both in video and text formats. We can stay in touch with our friends and family and belong to communities on any number of topics that we are interested in.

With all of this information available and the ability to communicate with anyone at anytime, actually getting any "real work" done can be a challenge. While I agree it is important to stay in contact with your peers and build online relationships with people on forums and on social networking sites, you need to learn how to control these potential distractions to remain productive.

1.Work on the tasks that will make you money first. It is important to do the work that will actually make you money done first. Typing messages on twitter usually won't make you much money. Don't leave the important jobs that will actually bring you income to the end of the day when you are tired.

2.Check your email just a few times a day. Checking and responding to your email can be a huge time waster. Schedule a couple of times during the day to check your email and turn off any instant notification systems/sounds that you might have turned on.

3.Physically remove your internet access if possible. Just staying online 24x7 can sometimes be a huge distraction. If you are writing an article for example, turn off the wireless on your computer or unplug your cable. Work in a quiet place and get your writing done. If you need to check something on the internet, just place some kind of marker in your document like "---" and when you connect to the internet again, use the Find feature in your word processor to find areas in your article that might require further research.

4. Establish a routine or schedule. Nobody likes having to stick to a schedule, but at least for the time where you are actually doing work that is going to make you money, it is a good idea to try and establish some kind of structure. This is also important for your family and friends so they know to leave you alone while you are being most productive.

5. Time for fun. Once you have completed the tasks that are actually going to help bring you an income, you can then work on whatever you like: responding to comments on your blog, using twitter, reading and participating in forums. Chatting with your friends. Since you know that you have completed your major tasks for the day, you will enjoy this time even more.

6.Don't sit at your computer 10 hours a day. It is important to spend time away from your computer throughout the day. Getting some exercise, even if it just means going outside for a walk can do amazing things for your productivity.