Using a 6 qt dutch oven stainless steel pot, is a great way to cook up those larger batches of chili, soup or stew or even slow cook a pot roast.

Before crock pots, microwaves, and conventional ovens, the “dutch oven” was the pot of choice when it came to cooking the family meal.  These larger sized pans are created from strong stainless steel with a well fitted lid and made in the USA.  They are a fairly wide pan to help accommodate larger batches.

They are perfect for any stove top.  I still use mine all the time.  I throw everything in the larger pot and leave it on low to slow cook for a long time.  It fills the house with warm dinner smells and aromas!

This particular model measures approximately 11 x 15 x 7, making it roomy enough even for that small dinner pot roast.

6 qt dutch oven stainless steelCredit: Amazon

American Kitchen Tri-Ply Stainless-Steel 6-Quart Covered Dutch Oven

If you don’t have a conventional oven, or prefer to cook lots of stews, pot roasts and “one pot” dinners then using a 6 qt dutch oven in stainless steel is about the best way to do it.

The handles stay cool, to protect you, and the walls are thick and sturdy as well as double riveted to stay strong, plus it evenly heats the food.  The stainless steel lid fits well and helps to keep in the moisture so that the food does not dry out and simmers in its own juices

It can be used on all kinds of stove tops including the newer induction tops, and can be put in a conventional oven up to 500 degrees and is dishwasher safe.

It has an aluminum core coated in stainless steel to heat quickly and to evenly distribute the heat.  They are designed to cook on the stove over lower heat for longer periods of time without any damage to the bottom of the pot.

These are a great style of pan for cooking of sauces, soups, pasta sauce, chili, stew and more.  Anything that needs to simmer for longer periods of time is safe in a 6 qt dutch oven in stainless steel. 

These are perfect for anyone who likes to make “one pot” meals, therefore only having one pot to wash or cook in larger batches for freezing!  This is where stew and chili work well.

There are many brands on the market and many different prices, but the American Kitchen Tri-ply is of superb quality and the price is affordable.  So, if you are in the market for a dutch oven, then consider looking at the American Kitchen, they have good quality and are made in USA.

You can get a quality 6 qt dutch oven stainless steel pot at most kitchen supply stores and many kitchen accessory stores, but prices can get quite high.  If you are in the market for quality pots and pans or a stainless steel dutch oven, then consider shopping online at sites such as Amazon to find a larger assortment to choose from.  Make sure and find out where it is made to get the best quality and to be able to compare apples with apples when it comes to pricing.

6 Quart Dutch Oven in Blue!

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