Traveling alone is a fantastic experience. To travel alone is to truly embrace whatever cultural are you are traveling to. It allows you to smell the new smells, see the night sights, and hear the new sounds like you never would if you had decided to travel with a friend instead. A lot of people do not believe me when I say that is way better to travel alone than with a group, so to clear up the air I am going to tell you exactly why to travel alone is to REALLY travel!

6 Reasons to Travel Alone.

1. Free

You are utterly free to do whatever you want. This is a big thing tht is overlooked by people who travel with friends. Obviously your friends came to the trip with their own priorities and goals, which may not align exactly with yours.

When you are alone you truly without burden. You can go anywhere, do anything and ruffle no one's fethers!

2. Forced to Talk

When you are traveling with a buddy, you always have a safety net there. You really have no need to talk to anyone if the friend is there with you. However minus the friend, suddenly you are all alone and you will find yourself much more talkitive.

This is how great adventures begin! I have had so many amazing nights and adventures due to being alone while traveling. And I met amazing people that I may never had even spoken to if I was with a friend.

3. Embracing the Culture

When you are alone you are more bubbled. What I mean by this is that you are far more likely to be involved with the culture than with a friend. After-all, no one from your culture is really even around you. So you get to experience the full flesh of things.

4. Learn About Yourself

Traveling alone is one of the best things ever in terms of personal development. You learn so much about who you are. The things that you are passionate about , the things that you really dislike, and what in general makes you tick.

If all you could do to find yourself was to travel, you would have the best crash course of finding out who you are than anyone else in the world. That is how crazy traveling alone can be.

5. Learn How to be Independent

When you are by yourself, there is no on else to lean on. This means you learn how to do tons of different life skills that you may never had known existed before. This form of self-reliance is really powerful. Tame it and make it your own and it could become one of the greatest skills in your entire life. Self-reliance and independence are the two biggest drivings forces of why people lose weight, or become brilliant entrepreneurs. (Who makes a lot of money!)

6. Love Yourself

As you travel alone, the pilgrim's psyche begins to embed itself on you. The journey in of itself is an ode to yourself, a long epic poem full of romance and care. You start realizing that the mystery of the journey that you wished solve was actually you. You were unlocking the puzzle pieces of yor own soul, of your own mind, and when you return from your travels you will be amazed at how much you have grown.

In fact, you will be in love with it!

So there you go! 6 reasons to travel alone and why traveling alone is probably one the best (definitely coolest) thing you can do on our big planet Earth. Get a bacpack, some clothes, a passport and start going! And write about the travel alone, and how it made you into a better person.