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1. Get a Quick Ranking

SEO is by far the most cost effective marketing method for small and medium size businesses, as once you reach the top of Google, you get an unlimited amount of traffic to your website that is not only free but highly targeted as well. Many small businesses completely rely on SEO for their sales and therefore being on top of Google has become very critical in local and international market.

This trend has made thousands of SEO Agencies and so-called consultants to emerge on the web`s surface and offer their services. Due to the fact that there is “RULE OF THUMB” and a specific “SET OF RULES” in SEO, everyone tends to come up with his/her own concepts and predictions. This has caused various myths to get established in Online Marketing world that should be avoided by all means in modern SEO. As believing in them would do you more harm than good.

Most SEO Professionals and agencies pitch their clients with claims like “We will rank you on first page of Google within first 2 weeks of contract”. It should be kept in mind that SEO takes time and sometimes it takes months for Google to index the SEO based changes performed on the site, and to index the back links that are created. Therefore if any company promises that they will rank you high in least possible time, stay away from them, as they have n idea of what they are talking about. Furthermore, if they use any spam based strategies on your website to rank it quickly, there is a strong chance of your website getting penalized/sand-boxed by Google.

2. Trusting Analysis Tools too Much

I have seen many SEO professionals using On-Site Analysis tools to check for so called “SEO Score” of their website. It should be kept in mind that these tools are coded differently, and each one of them provides different result for the same website. Therefore a good SEO Analyst will analyze the website manually through his own experience rather than through any give SEO Analysis Tool.

3. Side Wide Links

Purchasing side wide links from High PR websites used to work a treat 2 years ago, but since the advent of Penguin Update and its various releases, your website has more potential of getting penalized by Google if you are purchasing such back-links for SEO.

4. Quantity of Back-links

Gone are the days when you could get rank on top of Google by just building huge number of back-links with your targeted keyword. Now, you have to rely on quality of back-links rather than quantity. High Quality, Relevant and In-Content Links works best in modern SEO, and spam links like blog comments, forum spam and Wiki links should be avoided at any cost.

5. SEO is Cheap

If you come across someone, who offers “Quality” SEO service for 100$ a month, don’t expect the claim to be real. Professional SEO professionals that are good at their work and rely on only white-hat and Google endorsed methods won’t work for a price as low as that.

6. High Volume Keywords Should be Targeted

Search volume indicates how many times a keyword is searched within 1 month (approximately), but it does not tell its potential to convert visitors into sales. Hence instead of finding high volume keywords, try to use business related keywords that can bring you actual sales.


We have just mentioned few of the hundreds of SEO myths that are floating around the web. Be aware of these myths and focus your efforts towards the right path, so that you don’t end up wasting all your time and money.

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