The garage is a place that is often disorganized, it is so easy to just dump the things you don´t need in the garage and forget about it until you need something from the garage.An organized garage is a place where everything has its own place and it is very simple to find the things you are looking for and can better use the space.

However, organizing the garage and keeping it organized is a tiresome task that many homeowners do not have time to do.Still, it is a good idea to take the time to organize it and give a designated place for everything and keep everything available for everyday use.Here are five simple steps to keep an organized garage.

1.Sort the items in your garage!
The first thing to do is to categorize and sort all the items in your garage, and the best way to do this is to first completely empty your garage and sort everything into categories.

Separate electric tools from sporting equipment, winter clothes, furniture and so on.This will help you realize how much stuff you really have.This is the only way you will be able to determine the best way to store everything and keep and organized garage.

Any misplaced items should be returned to their proper places and sort the things that should be in the attic or the basement from those who need to be in the garage, and those things you don´t need you can sell on eBay or hold a garage sale.Recycling is very important, this is something you need to think about before throwing things away.

2.Separate seasonal equipment and items!
Install a rack for gardening and lawn maintenance tools.Keep them out of the way but still accessible.If it is winter or near winter time, keep snow blowers, snow shovels, snowboards and ice scrapes grouped together in one place.Warm season items should also be kept on a special rack.Near the beginning of every season you can rotate warm and cold items in the cabinet or rack.Plan this activity for how it is done and for other sporting equipment drawers and garage shelves should be built.

3.Shelves and cabinets!
To make it easier to maintain an organized garage, you might need to add additional garage storage shelves that can be mounted on the walls.The basic principle is to store items you need often in a place that is easily accessible.

4.Don´t for get to create an efficient working space!
The garage is a great place for a workshop.Install a table or a bench so you can work in the garage if needed and store your tools in a tool chest to keep them easily accessible when you need to use them.

5.Trash and recycling bins!
Keep recycling and trash bins nearby the garage entrance so it is easy to dispose unwanted items from your garage.This way you will not be tempted to keep broken items in the garage because the trash and recycling bins are too far away.

6.Take action!
No plan will ever work unless you take action and start working to get an organized garage.Hire a carpenter or a handyman to have garage shelves, cabinets and closets installed.