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You have to learn how to keep you man coming back for more no matter what stage you are in a relationship. I recently overheard a conversation between ladies and one of them said that men are like babies and you have to learn how to keep them happy all the time. You have to keep you man interested in the relationship, she said.

To my surprise all the other women nodded, a sign that they totally agreed with her. But how do we keep them interested? One woman from the group quipped? For that woman and any other woman out there, here are 6 simple ways to keep a guy interested:

Uphold Loving and Momentous Personal Connections…One of the ways to keep a guy interested is to constantly maintain loving personal connections. There is a need to feel good about yourself and getting some loving for being who you are. It is imperative to maintain good relationships with family and friends so that you can feel appreciated. If you maintain meaningful relationships with your mans’ family, you will certainly keep his interests on you at high levels always.

Ensure that these relationships are meaningful and contribute to your well-being…Avoid venomous and unfavorable relationships with family members since they can ruin the bond that you enjoy with your man. Focus on the positives and be honest with your guy always. 

Engage in Other Activities…It is important to show your guy that besides being in a relationship with him, you also have other activities to engage in. Doing other things will not only keep your guy interested in you but will also go a long way in showing him that you are not dependent on him or wanting to be around him all the time. To maintain the connection between you and your guy, e-mail cute love quotes for your boyfriend to read when you are not with him. Find sweet texts to send your boyfriend once in a while to keep the romance burning. 

Show Off Your Skills…If you are really good at something; don’t be afraid to let your guy know about it. This is one of the main ingredients to keep your man interest in you at an all-time high. Don’t be afraid to let your man know what you are capable of. In fact one of the 7 signs he wants to propose but he is scared to could be traced to the way you have been holding back when it comes showing your man what you can do. Do you know what makes a man fall in love and commit? The thought that he knows his woman in and out. A man will commit to a woman who lets him explore her world. 

Be Mysterious…Men find mysterious women attractive. One of the 6 simple ways to keep a guy interested is by being mysterious. The more mysterious you are, the more the interest your guy will have in you. He will want to know more of you. Imagine being with a man for close to one year yet you haven’t exposed every bit of you to him. That’s romantic, isn’t it? How do you tell whether he’s looking for marriage or just a fling? Remain mysterious to him; guys will always be serious with women they want to be with for a long time.


Being mysterious is one of the ways to find if he’s ever going to marry you. If he is interested despite you being mysterious, then you know that he is the right guy. However, don’t be mysterious for too long, he may think you are cheating on him.

Throw in Some Mischief…If you make your man too comfortable around you, it may get into his head and he could start taking you for granted. There is nothing wrong by being mischievous once in a while. Tell you man things are not the way he thinks they are just to see how he reacts. It’s cute to make your guy sweat once in a while just to invigorate his interest in you.

Be His Woman…Guys take interest in women who know how to play their role in relationships. While women are attracted to charismatic men, men take interest in coy and graceful women. Don’t interpret coy to mean timid or shy, it’s about having the feminine flare that makes your man think and believe that you are the most perfect woman he could have ever dated.

These 6 simple ways to keep a guy interested will certainly come in handy for those women who want to keep their men ever hungry to discover them. You don’t have to try so hard to make him stick around.