The saying, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, is a true one. All transactions have a cause and effect; someone always foots the bill. With freebies, it is the company or corporation that is taking the hit with the hopes of hooking a customer.  

A major cause is promotion. A company or corporation unveiling a new product to the market will often present free samples as to entice consumers to make the purchase.

With the great marketplace known as the Internet, it is possible to request and receive these free products directly from the comfort of home.

Some companies require you to sign up for a newsletter or create an account in order to receive the free product, however, there are many that simply require punching in your address.

There are multiple hub sites that post new free product opportunities daily. Although many of them will feature the same opportunities and deals, some will have exclusives that have otherwise gone overlooked. Here are six reliable sites for finding the latest freebies:

6. Sample Buddy

Sample Buddy specializes in all sorts of product samples received by mail. The site is rather bare bones. There is a newest samples tab that gets updated regularly. There is also a giveaways and coupons tab, but they are sparsely updated.

5. Free Stuff

Along with regularly posting deals that arise day to day, this site has a section dedicated to highlighting the deals that are active in the current month.

4. Sweet Free Stuff

This site has a blog roll type of format. It is updated regularly with product giveaways and sample requests.

3. My Free Product Samples

Compared to the others, My Free Product Samples has a much more designed and stylized website. Along with regularly updated posts about sample opportunities, it features coupons and deals.

2. Get It Free

This site has a cluttered, somewhat hectic layout, but once your eyes adjust it is easy to get the hang of it. It is packed with freebies, sweepstakes, and giveaway deals.

1. Freaky Freddie’s

On this site’s homepage, they post the day’s freebies. Updated daily, they cover a wide variety of products.

While Supplies Last

The majority of free samples available to request online are done so with a determined, set amount available. After the company has received requests equal to the set amount of products they are giving away, they will take down the request form. There are many people that jump on free samples right away, so expect to encounter this even if the free sample product went up that day.