Have you recently spent years in corporate America only to find yourself out of work and unable to find employment during the last year? Your skills as a small business consultant are in increasing demand.


With labor forces cut to the bone, and fewer dollars floating around the economy, smaller businesses are finding your skills increasingly good investments. What types of skills are in high demand in this most difficult business environment? Here are 6 skills sets you can turn into cash today:

1. Computer consulting and IT consulting, there are tons of people who do not know a thing about IT or networking, yet those are services we need every day in small business.

2.. General small business consulting is also in high demand. Businesses want to know how to streamline, become more effective with a limited advertising budget and maintain their competitive edge in challenging conditions.

3. Small business franchise consultants are previous execs that focus their expertise on being a franchise owner, franchise legalities and franchise positioning as well as franchise startups and strategies.

4. Small business marketing consultants are able to give advice on all aspects of marketing, positioning, branding and profitability. Their skills are in demand as businesses find themselves fighting harder to make sales.

5. Small business advertising consultants are especially needed as advertising budgets have shrunken due to falling sales. If you can assist and have knowledge in all forms of advertising and can crate low budget campaigns, small business need your skills.

6. Small business copywriting consultants are also in need due to the importance of getting a high ROI on all advertising dollars spent. With fewer dollars to go around ad copy must pull to recoup the initial investment of advertising campaigns.

If you think that just because corporate America is not yet hiring that there is not work to be found, you may be surprised. When starting a small business consulting firm you will need to be willing to be paid whatever the market will bear, and prove your abilities before taking on larger projects. If you are priced correctly, you will likely get a few small projects at first, and then steadily grow your clientele. Word of mouth is likely your best form of free advertising as your business begins to grow, and you will get many repeat customers and projects if your skills are a good value for the price. Rather than giving up on your job search, strongly consider becoming a small business consultant. Your skills are valuable to small and medium sized companies too.