How many times have you seen talentless people make it into the big time? How many times have you wanted to be famous and cash in on your notoriety? Have you seen what it take to become famous and you thought it could have been you. Well, you no longer need to wait. Here are 6 ways to help you become a famous celebrity.

Silicone: If you are a woman and you want to become famous, you need to be as fake as possible. You should only do this if nature hasn't been generous with you. Men are shallow and superficial. You should then hang around night clubs that famous celebrities visit. How many people are famous just for their looks? Some will say it takes a lot of talent to look that good. If you believe that you should know what to do

Nanny: At the beginning this might not sound very interesting, but you will have a foot into celebrity world. If you don't know what this is all about, you should read up about Rebecca Loos. She was supposed to be babysitting the children, instead she opted to babysit the husband. That is not a good thing to do but it did make her a celebrity.

Sex Tape: This is another tactic used by wannabe celebrities. You lure an unsuspecting famous personality into have sexual enjoyment with you and then secretly film the encounter. You then leak the video onto the internet and that is all there is to it. Tabloid medias will be all over you wanting a deal for more salacious revelations. All you have to do is milk the cow. That is what some people did to become celebrities

Internship in Government: Politicians are humans and have needs. If you want to be famous celebrity, you need to be where powerful men are gathered. Take a little moment to think about Monica and Clinton. Do you still remember? Of course you do. That is how a white house intern became an instant celebrity. She got involved with one of the most power full men on earth and it is an easy ticket to celebrity status. She later went on to write a book about it.

Reality TV: If you get your chance to participate in any reality TV, make the most of it and be as ridiculous as possible. Don't try to aim for a win. Your aim should be to achieve celebrity status. If you want an example of this, you should read about Jade Goody. She joined a reality TV program and went on to win millions. How did she do it? She was loud and at the same time compelling. She didn't win the show but she maximized her exposure and she became a celebrity in her own rights.

American Idols: If you want to be a celebrity, this is another opportunity to gain worldwide stardom. You don't have to be really good at singing. You have to be charming and outrageous. American idol has made formerly unknown individuals household names. Think of American Idol as a stepping stone to better things. If you know who Kelly Clarkson is, then you have American Idol to thank for that. She is now a celebrity singer and is making a handsome living.