The advertising industry is one that is always evolving, exciting and at times, glamorous too! From television commercials to print advertisement and radio jingles, it keeps one constantly moving and working fast just to sell consumers an idea, a product or even a campaign.

 But how does one really survive in an industry that is also known to be tough, full of back-stabbings and highly political? Below are 6 tips for an account servicing starting out in an agency.

Be Humble

Unless you have been in the industry for a long time and of a certain level, you should always be humble and willing to be corrected especially if you are a fresh graduate starting out as an account executive. This is a cut-throat industry and if you are proud and arrogant at the start of your career, you will not last more than 6 month! Don’t worry, your dues will come in no time once you have established yourself but till then, it’s best to eat the humble pie.

 Be a fast learner

This is an industry where client could be paying and investing huge amount of money to advertise their product. A highly stressful environment, timelines are sometime so fast that one may hardly stop to catch his or her breathe. You must be able to pick up things fast and be on top of your account. You are not expected to be asking questions after 3 months in the job, especially if the are the same questions you asked in your first month!

Be presentable.

Advertising is about communicating a message and part of this messaging is image. Please do put in effort to be presentable especially when you meet your clients. Remember, you are not only managing the account but also the face and representative of your agency or firm. How you present yourself is a reflective of your agency or firm. And of course, it helps if you are seemed as approachable with a friendly disposition.

 Good Time Management

Most often than not, a campaign requires you to liaise with not only the traffic or designers and copywriters but the respective media owners for the media that you require. Depending on how extensive a campaign can get, you are expected to be able to manage and ensure all deliverables are timely delivered to meet the targeted date of launch or the material deadline for artwork submission. Especially for the latter, missing a deadline for it may mean that the print ad will not go out on the expected date, delaying and affecting the client’s marketing plans. Furthermore, you might even be asked to compensate for missing the deadline!

Emotional Quotient (EQ)

Having EQ will definitely help you if you are going to carve out your career in advertising. One of the most challenging aspects of your work in an agency is managing your designers and client. You may feel frustrations being sandwiched between your clients and designers. However, if you are able to manage your client’s expectations and not give the designers unreasonable deadlines and give them a clear brief, you should not face much of a problem here.

 Writing the Brief

The most important aspect of your job entails you to write an advertising brief with clarity. You must be able to provide your designers clear instructions and all the content and information they require in order to create or design something that they client wants. The last thing the designers need is an incomplete brief or unclear directions which will have them re-design the artwork. This will not only be a waste of time but will definitely make them think of you as incompetent.

Although this is a demanding industry that at times requires long gruelling long hours and burnt weekends, the job satisfaction can greatly compensate when you finally see your ad on a billboard or commercial playing in the television.

 I hope with the above tips will not only help you to survive the advertising industry but to excel in it as well!