Above Ground Pool Deck 1

Building a deck for your swimming pool is just like building a standard outdoor deck, with more emphasis on the issues of water,  such as safety and building materials.

1. Your Design - Think about what you will be using your deck for. What activities will you and your family be doing? Will it just be to specifically access your swimming pool? Will you be barbecuing on it? Do you plan on totally surrounding your pool or will you build a half deck? Aesthetically, you will want to match the existing style of your house, especially if you are building an attached deck.

2. The Location Of Your Pool - Where will your swimming pool be located? Will it be attached to your house? Or located in the middle of your yard? If it's away from your house, will it be connected by a decking bridge? Other things to consider are special views you may want, privacy you may need, or wind paths you want to avoid.

3. The Materials You Will Use - This is where your pool deck will vary from traditional decks.  Due to the constant water and chemicals your deck will be exposed to, owners should consider pressure treated wood, synthetic, rubber, or vinyl materials. Non-slip decking material is available, and can be valuable for those with children. You should also do research on what paint stains and sealants work well in waterproofing. Nails and connectors should all be anti-corrosive.

4. Your Budget - A big topic for most homeowners is that of budget.  Outdoor decks, let alone swimming pool decks can quickly jump out of your budget depending on what you're looking for. Be realistic on what you need to get out of your pool deck as opposed to what you would like to have. Compromise aesthetics with function if need be, or even take on parts of the project yourself to save on labor costs.

5. Building Permits You Must Obtain - Do not forget to get building permits before you start your project! The last thing you want is a notice from the city requiring you to take down your swimming pool deck because it is deemed unsafe to you, your family and community.

6. Other Alternatives You Should Consider - Not ready for a large-scale deck project? Is and above ground pool deck out of you budget? Well then, consider these alternatives.  Many small prefabricated decks are available for purchase online. You wont be hanging out with the family on these decks due to their small size, but they are really easy to install and require very little maintainance.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck Kit - 5' x 13.5'
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Free Standing Deck, 3-Feet by 5-Feet by 52-Inch
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Above Ground Pool Deck 2