At the end of the day when you fall into bed, how do you want to feel about your day? Do you want to happily book back on a day well spent or look back in frustration on a day that could have been better?

In this article, you’ll read about the six things you should do as soon as you wake up to ensure that you “lock in” the day as a positive day.

1. Don't snooze

When you should be waking up, you’re allowing your brain to continue to sleep. Snoozing just disrupts your sleep pattern and confuses your body. Get up as soon as your alarm sounds – no matter how difficult this may seem – and you’ll feel better sooner in your day. (Sure, you won’t like it at first but it will get better and your brain will thank you).

2. Drink 2 glasses of water

Our bodies desperately crave hydration and most people don’t get enough. By drinking a lot of water first thing, you’ll feel more alert sooner and you’ll start your day with a nicely drenched brain.

3. Eat a good breakfast

In spite of being told that “breakfast was the most important meal of the day,” I was never a “breakfast person” for many years. I simply didn’t want food in the morning. But when I changed my diet (to start eating smaller portions for supper), I was hungry for breakfast in the morning – and what a difference it made to my day! That first hit of food – especially protein – increased my productivity dramatically, and I’ve never looked back.

4. Choose to be positive

This one sounds silly or perhaps like some cheesy self-help advice but it proves true day after day. We all way to be positive but sometimes the challenges of life get in the way. If one of the first things you do in the morning is choose to be positive, you’ll set the tone for what you expect through the day. It won’t make the hard stuff go away but it will help to change how you feel when you face it.

5. Do something brisk

In the morning I like to stretch and go for a quick walk. You don’t have to become a weightlifter and do high intensity circuit training first thing in the morning. But spending a few minutes doing something brisk, which should include some stretching, will help your day start off on the right foot. It gets the blood pumping and releases endorphins.

6. Tackle your most ambitious project as quickly as possible

We are at the best in the morning. Throughout the day our brains and bodies get tired and wear down but the first few hours in the morning (even if we didn’t hit snooze) we are at our best. So take advantage of it by tackling the biggest and most ambitious project of the day. The momentum you gain by getting a lot done on your project will help you be more productive throughout the day.

At the end of the day, when you fall into bed to sleep, you want to look back on your day positively and appreciate how productive you were. So if you do these six things – as soon as you get out of bed – you’ll see a massive shift in how you feel about your day.