1) Nowadays, many homeowners are thinking about purchasing their own water dispensers. They are truly helpful tools as they will provide you with healthy fresh water anytime you want, they also have many types like bottled and bottle-less models. There are two main types of bottled water dispensers which are freestanding dispensers and counter tops dispensers. Freestanding water dispensers are available at 3 models, the cold unit dispenser that dispenses only cold water, the cold and hot unit dispenser that dispenses both hot and cold water, and the most recent type that dispenses water at room temperature.

2) They are perfect for workplace and offices as they can provide the employees with fresh, pure and cool water all the day, this will be great as it can increase their productivity and their level of concentration. Using water dispensers you will have many options, as you can get hot, cold and sparkling water depending on their model at any time. They can be fixed easily to the water source and they will surely suit all the tastes and needs.

3) Water dispensers are a great alternative to electric coolers that cost much more than these natural coolers. They are really affordable and easy-to-use compared to other coolers types. There is nothing better than having fresh, natural and cold water at any time throughout the day, as all of us know that how fresh water is really essential for our bodies.

4) They also come with push-button faucets that instantly can push hot or cold water based on your choice. Several models come with child-resistant hot water faucets, these faucets will be great as they will protect children from burning themselves. Some brands offer larger models which means a large amount of fresh water would be dispensed, they also come with removable drip trays that will allow easy cleaning of the dispenser.

5) They are offered at many modern designs and styles. Modern water dispensers function very differently from the old five gallon dispenser. Brass is considered the ideal material because of its toughness and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. The cartridges of these dispensers are ceramic type cartridges that can work smoothly and efficiently.

6) One thing you should consider before purchasing your dispenser is to check whether they have water delivery system come out to your home or not. This is something important as based on it you will decide whether to get bottled water dispenser or not.


Water dispensers are really valuable tools as they will provide you with fresh water that will keep you healthy and active all the day. So, go and buy your own dispenser now and believe me it will be a worthy investment.