The fun days

Missing the Childhood days

Do you suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome? I know there are days that I do. Wishing I could go back and spend a day as a child. I was one of the lucky ones, blessed with a great childhood. Although there was only myself, father, brother and grandfather I could not have asked for anything more. Our family was close, and I was given everything I needed to become the person I am today.

Children see the world through different eyes; I think everything they see has a brighter light or colour to it. Of course not all are lucky and some children have a horrible upbringing but I am grateful to not be one of those unfortunate people.

When I sit back and think about my childhood, not all was perfect don’t get me wrong but there is so much I miss about it.

The Fun!

Everything was fun, didn’t matter what you were doing it was just fun. From making mud pies, to catching lady beetles in your yard or even climbing the biggest tree in your yard despite your parents telling you not to. Children seem to have a way of finding the fun in almost anything.

Today I took my children to the dentist, not really a place I would like to be. Yet they got in there, and each put their hand up high into the sky to go first. They listened to the stories the dentist told them, stared at the pictures on the walls and collected their stickers at the end. We walked out and my son said to me, “Mum that was fun”. Not something an adult would usually say.


Children have a completely different way of thinking than adults do, it’s called innocence. Thinking babies came from the sky or stork, that elves make the Christmas presents for Santa, or even that Mum and Dad’s wallet never runs out of money. Even the simple things such as their curiosity is innocent, just wondering about everything. The world is full of possibilities and colour until in time we all grow up and realise the truth of what it really is.

Although some people would more consider this ignorance rather than innocence, but as they say, sometimes ignorance can be bliss.

Life was Simple

Everything was simple as a child. We put a movie on, it played; we fed the dog, he is healthy; saying we are bored and there is nothing to do and it actually being true. Life generally was just plain simple and I liked it. Being carefree and not worrying about anything other than getting on my bike and riding to my friend’s house. No worrying about how the bills were going to get paid this month, or how I’m going to afford to fix the car. Simple!

Hype on Special Days

Christmas, Easter, Birthdays even just going to the local carnival on Friday night. I remember waking up at 6am in the morning more awake than anyone could ever be, running out to the lounge room to find stacks of presents for everyone on Christmas morning. It even had a smell to it, and I’m not talking about the bacon and eggs dad was cooking, but a smell of excitement. I miss that, although I still have mild forms of it sharing it now with my own children and I think that is why I enjoy it so much, knowing the excitement they are feeling.

Easter morning, what child doesn’t enjoy the one day of the year they are allowed to wake up and eat chocolate for breakfast lunch and tea, whilst their parents are trying to feed them real foods in between not generally winning the battle they started.

These few days of the year are so full of hype, excitement and joy that you can feel it days to come and days after.


Children are just like the energizer bunny, they go go and go until eventually they drop or we manage to get them to bed. I miss waking up at 6 am ready to take on the day and whatever comes my way. What shall I do today?

Nowadays most mornings start off with “Oh I don’t want to get out of bed”.  Isn’t it funny how we start off as children who don’t want to go to bed ending up as adults who don’t want to get out of bed. Children seem to drink out of the fountain of energy instead of the fountain of youth. I just need to find that fountain.

No responsibilities

Wouldn’t it be great to step back into the days where we had no responsibilities? There are a lot of things I enjoy about being an adult of course, driving, freedom to go where I choose and generally doing what I want to do as long as I am not breaking the law. Having said this though, I do wish I could travel back to the days as a child where there was no weight on my shoulders, no pressure or responsibilities, well no serious ones anyways.

Making sure my room was clean, feeding the dog or being home on time is usually along the lines of as good as it got. Sometimes it might be an important day and watching your brother or sister was a big responsibility and although then it was a big deal is nothing compared to the responsibilities added up of an adult.

What I wouldn’t give to have one carefree “ahhh” day.


Children are a beautiful and important part of this world; sometimes I sit back from afar and admire my children doing even the simple things as building Lego. Knowing how much fun they are having or trying to imagine what they are thinking or imagining themselves. Watching them opening presents, or telling me stories about the Easter bunny, so much joy; those are the days I miss being a child.