Copenhagen is the classic tobacco dip. Copenhagen has a flavor that Copenhagen users love. Copenhagen is not sweet like Cherry Skoal. The taste of Copenhagen chew is timeless. Copenhagen chew has been around for a long time and will continue to exist for many more generations.

Copenhagen chew is bad for you but it is safer than cigarettes. If Copenhagen is not what you want in your mouth try some Spitz Sunflowers seeds.

Spitz Sun Flower Seeds

Spitz Sun Flower Seeds are the best tasting sunflower seeds I have ever ate. Spitz Sun Flower Seeds come in a huge variety of flavors. On of the flavors is called "Seasoned". The Spitz Sun Flower Seeds "Seasoned" sunflower seeds are the best sunflowers seeds in the world according to me.

Spitz Sun Flower Seeds are also much healthier for you than Copenhagen chew.

Orbits Positively Pomegranate Gum

Gum is tBlowing Bubblehat classic item that almost everybody has used at one time or another. There is a wide multitude of flavors. You can also get sugar free gum. Orbit is made by the famous Wrigley chewing gum company. Their Orbits Positively Pomegranate Gum is a sugar free gum. Orbits gum is sold in a wide variety of flavors but the "Positively Pomegranate" flavored Gum is my favorite flavor. Orbits Positively Pomegranate Gum is found in most convenience stores. The flavor of Orbits Positively Pomegranate Gum does not last very long but it is cheap and easy to pop a new piece into your mouth. Chewing gum is even safer then sunflower seeds.

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky is a tradition in America. It fed our pioneer ancestors and continues to be a snack time staple for many families. You can easily buy Beef Jerky or you can even make your own Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky comes in an unlimited amount of variations. You can get is really sweet, extra spicy, or even sweet and spicy. Beef Jerky can even be bought made from exotic meats such as crocodile meat, bear meat, kangaroo meat, zebra meat, and the ever popular buffalo meat. Unknown to most exotic jerky fans is that when a jerky is made with exotic meats at least 10 percent of the jerky is still made with beef. Beef and buffalo makes the best jerky.

Beef Jerky can be a healthy snack for your family. Beef Jerky is an excellent food to store in the trunk of your car so if you ever break down in the middle of no where you will have food with you to keep you nourished and alive.

Dill Pickles

There are sweet pickles and dill pickles. Dill Pickles are the most popular. There are numerous varieties of seasonings used in Dill Pickles. Regardless of the variety of Dill Pickles you like make sure they are juicy and firm.

Banana Lollipops

Banana Lollipops are not very common in the northwest. Banana Lollipops are sold in the shape of bananas as well as traditional ball shaped suckers that are simply artificially flavored with bananas.

There are many things you can stick in your mouth as a treat. Some of these items are healthy and some not.

Image Credit: (Flickr/mooney47)