Classic styles of engagement rings ensure that your band will stay in style throughout your marriage. You can get a timeless piece of jewelry on any budget. This will usually incorporate a white diamond, but you'll have your choice of cuts and metal tones. Retailers like Ross-Simons and Blue Nile carry diamond engagement rings.

1. Solitaire Rings

Solitaire diamonds feature a large diamond in the center of the ring. It can have a plain band and a prong setting. The focal point of this piece of jewelry is going to be the size of the diamond. You'll also want to pay attention to the clarity of the stone because imperfections will really stand out. You can cut costs on your wedding band by just going with a thin gold band that won't distract from the more expensive diamond. This can also coordinate with your husband's wedding ring.

2. Three Stone Rings

The three stone style has a variety of options. All of the diamonds can be the same shape and size. You can also go with a larger stone in the center. Mix up the side stones with triangular or baguette shapes. As long as the rest of the ring features white diamonds and gold, then the ring is classic. It also still gives a unique shape to your set.

3. Pave Setting

A pave set ring has a large diamond in the middle with smaller diamonds surrounding it. These stones can even go around the band. Keep the glamorous look going with a diamond wedding band. This gives a larger appearance to the center stone.

4. Estate Style

Estate style jewelry has an antique air to it. This has a lot of intricate filigree and gold work on it. An Art Deco style may have engraving on the band. The focus is partly on the gold work so you can get a smaller center stone if you're on a budget. You can buy actual antiques or go for a reproduction piece.

5. Diamond Cuts

When choosing a timeless engagement ring, you need to consider the cut of the diamond. The most traditional shapes are round and princess cut. If you decide to go with a rectangle or pear variety, then make sure that the setting is really simple for balance. A marquise shape can also work depending on the setting. If you try a trendy or unusual diamond cut, then the band should be even more traditional. Going with a classic round or square shape allows for more experimentation with accent stones. Princess or square cut diamonds can seem modern, but pairing it with plain bands or a solitaire style turns it into a staple jewelry piece.

6. Gold Tones

You can get yellow or white gold and still have a classic looking wedding set. Just find diamond accents and unusual sizes to give it a personal touch. Rose gold was popular in antique style jewelry. If you decide to go with this tone, look for a simple solitaire band instead of a vintage style so it doesn't look dated.