If you are looking to make things easier on your self this year when it comes to shopping Christmas gifts, consider purchasing your gifts online instead of going to the mall and stand in lines for hours like the majority of people are doing.

There has never been a better time than this to purchase Christmas gifts online.Besides eBay and Amazon, there are hundreds of online stores and shops out there, even the smallest of boutiques have some sort of website these days.

It is important to buy from online stores that you trust so that you will not get scammed.There are a few simple ways to determine if an online store can be trusted or not.

The first one is to search for reviews about the online store, if there are lots of negative reviews it is a sign that people have bad experiences.A trustworthy online store uses secure payment processing which you notice by looking at your browsers website address bar, it should say https:// instead of http:// , the "S" means it is secured.Some online stores also use

Another way of being absolutely sure that the online store what you are going to visit is trustworthy is by visiting BBB.org, Better Business Bureau.

Here are some simple and useful tips of how to find the best Christmas gifts online.

1.It is important to order early because you need to rely on the postal service to deliver your gifts on time, so before you place your order check what the last delivery day is before Christmas.This information can be found on the website, if you cannot find the information send a quick email to the customer support or call them.You need to be sure that your gifts will arrive before Christmas, so give at least one week or ten days for your order to arrive.

2.There may be separate delivery costs, or the costs are in the price of the product already.You may be able to pick up some real bargains online but you may have to pay for delivery which depends on how much you spend.Usually orders over $100 get free delivery.The delivery charges can be anything from $1 to $20.To save money, look for online stores that offer free delivery.

3.You can find really unusual gifts online as well.Because you are sitting in front of your computer you can go "window shopping" to many different dozens of online stores.This would not be possible in the real world.To get started just head over to Google and type in "unusual gifts" or "unusual present ideas" and you will get thousands of results.

Be sure to compare prices if you find websites offering the exact same gift.Some may charge you more while other online stores offer you more options.The Internet is great because you can buy gifts from the other side of the world if you want, and not have to step out of your front door.

4.You can personalize your Christmas gifts when you purchase them online, this shows the recipient that you have put a lot of time and effort to find a gift especially for that special someone.A personalized gift can be a mug, a book or a calendar for instance.A personalized gift takes some time to make, it cannot be delivered instantly but it is well worth to wait a few days.Some online stores charge for personalization while others do not.

5.You have the perfect opportunity to surprise someone when buying Christmas gifts online.Many online stores give you the option of inputting an alternative delivery address for the gift, it can be delivered directly to a friend.Most sites do not include the invoice in the packaging, no need for the recipient to know how much you have paid for the gift.

6.Finding the perfect online store to find Christmas gifts will take some time, but there is no hurry because online shopping can be done whenever it suits you, the stores are open 24/7/365.