Many people are subject to various forms of motion sickness which can leave a traveler less than happy when it comes to moving about the planet. Here are some simple tips to help people who suffer from airsickness. Following these tips will make air travel much easier resulting in a more relaxed trip.

1. Fly Comfortably

Regardless of whether the flight is long or short, dress comfortably.  Wear clothes that are slightly baggy and allow for easy of movement.  Constricting clothes can cause a feeling of enclosure that only heightens the sense of queasiness.

2. Eat

Before boarding a flight, eat something light and easily digestible. Try to avoid heavy in-flight meals. It is also advisable to keep some crackers such as saltines on hand to help settle the stomach during elevation changes.

3. Drink

Be sure to drink plenty of water before and during your flight. Water helps keep the body functioning at an optimal rate. Try to avoid alcohol during you flight as it cause dehydration while enhancing the feeling of nausea. Try to avoid caffeine for at least an hour before the flight and during the flight; caffeine constricts the blood vessels resulting in pressure headaches during a flight.

4. Breathe

When flying it is important to keep your breathing even and regular ensure that there is enough oxygen moving through your system. It also helps to make sure that the air vents are blowing directly toward your face making sure that there is enough air moving around you.

5. Medication

There are many forms of motion sickness medication available over the counter through local pharmacies; although, not everyone’s stomach tolerates them well. An alternative to over the counter medications are ginger powder capsules available through any health food store.  In both instances take either the motion sickness pills or ginger pills at least 15 minutes before the flight. For longer flights, take a second dose about midway through the flight.

6. Children

If you are flying with children who are susceptible to airsickness make sure to bring plenty of distractions for them; coloring books, reading books, small games. Ginger ale and peppermint are also good to have on hand for children; both will offset any nauseous feelings. Children often feel pressure in their ears during a flight similar to earaches which can make them cranky and uncomfortable; blowing warm air into their ears will help to alleviate the pressure.