Tips for growing longer nails

On average the human fingernails grow 1/10th millimeter each day. Such growth rate can be frustratingly slow; however there are no proven secrets to accelerate the speed of nails growth. The best way to achieve long nails is by good maintenance of your hands, feet and nails. You need to protect your fingernails from harsh chemicals that may damage them; you also need to keep your hands moisturized and free from disease. By doing this you will achieve strong and healthy nails. Below are tips that can help make them grow faster.

6 Tips to Make the Nails Grow Faster

1] >>>> Increase the blood flow to your fingers; this should be done daily to push blood into your fingers. Some activities like typing, filing and playing piano can help you in this. While doing your daily chore, make sure you wear high quality gloves. This will protect your finger nails from any form of damage. Avoid biting them if you’re nervous. Some cleaning chemicals can be drying them out, sometimes even the simple soap and water that we use for our daily chore such as washing dishes and cleaning the house can damage them. Too much moisture damages the fingernails.

2] >>>> Increase proteins in your diet, drink protein shakes, milk and lean meat. A well balanced diet is recommended to avoid vitamin deficiencies that lead to unhealthy nails such as brittle nails, peeling and splitting. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Don't fuss with them every time, over filling leads to weakening and some other fingernail problems.

3] >>>> Make sure that you consume enough calories each day. The normal growth of your nails and hair can be slowed or even halted if your body doesn't get enough calories. To make them grow faster, avoid restrictive or crash diet.

4] >>>> Add zinc and biotin to your diet. Take 2.5 milligrams of biotin each day; this will strengthen your nails. Eat food rich in zinc, including milk and eggs. This prevents nail discoloration.
Getting beautiful nailsCredit: google images5] >>>> Shape them starting from outside edge towards the middle, the emery board should move in only one direction instead of sawing back and forth; this causes damages. Before you push the cuticles back, soak your fingernails in warm and soapy water, this makes for much less scraping on (pink part of your nail).

6] >>>> You need to condition them with same hand cream you use on your hands. When you keep the polish on, your fingers are protected from splitting, cracking and tearing. Every time you do a manicure, make sure you choose a wide square shape. This has less chances of breaking compared to the pointer oval shape. Apply a layer of nail toughened or a nutrient filled polish every week. fingernails For a faster growth of your nails, apply this layer nightly. You should always use oily nail polish, this will greatly help in taking care of nails and therefore they will grow faster.

Use the above tips and the standard grooming tips; this will make nails grow faster, longer and stronger. Avoid biting your nails; saliva will negatively affect their growth. Keep in mind that a healthy life style is the best way to achieve longer healthy fingernails.