Latin girls can be intimidating to many non-Latin guys.  They think that Latin girls would only go out with a Latin guy, but the truth is that many Latin girls are open-minded and many of them are looking forward to learning about other cultures and getting away from “macho” type guys.  Here are six tips for non-Latin men that would like to go out with a Latin girl:

Show some moves on the dance floor- even if you learn just the basic steps, any Latin girl will appreciate the effort.  Learn the famous  quick-quick-slow step sequence for salsa, and the left-right-left-right step sequence for merengue, and you will be able to invite her to dance.  Most Latin girls love to dance because they grow up listening to Latin rhythms and they start dancing since they are little, it is part of the culture.

Learn some Spanish – Surprise her by telling her something like Hola bonita! (Hello Beautiful!), Que linda estás! (You look pretty!) Me gustas! (I like you!),or Quieres cenar conmigo? (Would you like to have dinner with me?).  You will definitely catch her attention.  And don’t worry about your accent; she will most likely think it is cute.

Be a gentleman – Open doors for her, help her with her chair at the dinner table, offer your arm for her to hold you.  These things are small details that she will definitely notice.  They are not things of the past, instead they show good manners.  Also, don’t be cheap, pay the bill, and let her know that you don’t expect anything in return.  Tell her you are happy to invite her because you really enjoy her company.  Which brings us to the fourth tip:

Take it slow – don’t scare her away; don’t be like other guys she may have gone out with before who tried to move too fast.  Instead, be romantic and earn her heart with little and inexpensive details.  If you rush things she will put you into the category of the typical player, and it will be very hard for you to get her to change her mind afterwards.

Don’t be afraid to meet her family and friends – Yes, they will be protective of her, but most Latin families are also very friendly and welcoming.  If you are going to meet them in a formal dinner, bring something like wine or flowers.  This will probably get you brownie points with her family, especially the mother.  If you win the mother over, she will be a very good advocate for you.

Don’t go against family values - Most Latin girls are family oriented, so don’t insinuate that you are against family values even if you don’t want a long-term relationship; it’s usually a big turnoff for Latin women.  For most Latin women, this will be a deal-breaker.

Following all or most of these steps will give you a much higher chance to go out and be able to start a relationship with a Latin girl.  So try it out, and give yourself a chance to meet and go out with a Latin girl; and remember, Latinos are the fastest growing minority in USA.