Dealing with body hair is every woman's bane. Starting from teen years onwards, it is a battle of attrition. Because of this never ending battle, it may have made women take some extreme measures to try to win the unwinnable battle against body hair. It has also created some interesting myths about what works best. Like in every war, information is key, so knowing facts from fiction could help your live long war for smooth skin go easier.



shaving legs

Shaving Makes Body Hair Grow Back Thicker

When I was a teen and girls were starting to shave their legs, my mother told me that shaving only makes hair grow back thicker. I eventually just ignored this warning and did what I wanted. It seemed to be true to me. My leg hair went from baby fuzz to darker thicker hair as I aged. So why shouldn't girls believe this myth?

This simply isn't true. When unshaven, the hair is tapered and lies flat, making it seem softer and thinner. However, when you shave that hair off it grows back with blunted ends, making it seem thicker when it really is not. Think of a drinking straw after you cut it diagonally with scissors. The edge doesn't seem as soft, it is now down right prickly. Leg fuzz is similar to this.

For a smoother shave, exfoliate skin first so that all the dead skin is removed. Those bumps of dead skin block the razor and prevent a close smooth shave.

Laser Hair Removal Removes Hair Forever

Some women live under the misconception that they have won the war on hair after having it laser removed. However, that is a myth. Well, at least somewhat. Laser hair removal works by zapping the hair follicle with a laser that targets the dark pigment in the hair. The heat from the laser will effectively kill the hair follicle so that it falls out about two weeks later. This treatment, however, only works on actively growing hairs. Hairs that are in their resting phase will not be effected. In fact, only 25% of hair is in its active phase as a time. This is why it is important to do the recommended 6 treatments, however still, that won't get all the hair. You will still need to go in for touch up once or twice a year.

So while laser removal is one of the best options for long term hair removal, it doesn't mean that it will never grow there again. It also is not effective on fair haired ladies. Since the laser targets dark pigment, if you have light colored body hair, it will have nothing to target.




It Is Okay That Your Technician Uses The Same Wax Stick All Day

If you find yourself going to the waxing treatment, and you see that you technician has a wax stick with wax already on it, get out of there! You are putting yourself at risk for a serious infection. The Staph bacteria lives harmlessly on our skin. We live quite harmlessly without own staph bacteria unless it gets into cuts, but the staph of others? Our systems do not take so well to foreign intruders. Usually the waxing will be removed with the wax and hair, which prevents most infections, but they can still occur. Some technicians will tell you that hot wax is hot enough to kill bacteria such as staph, but that is a lie.

If hot wax doesn't burn the skin, it is certainly not hot enough to kill bacteria. So essentially by using the same waxing stick, they are spread the bacteria of all the other people they waxed into the wax, onto your skin and possibly into you wounded hair follicle. If that bacteria gets in, expect a possibly serious infection. If you like your waxing technician, just be polite and ask for a fresh stick. They should oblige, if not, run fast and run far.

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It Is Okay To Leave Chemical Hair Remover On Longer If You Have Thick Hair

This one is definitely a myth. If you have thicker hair and chemical hair remover is not doing the job as intended, you may just want to find another way. Leaving on a chemical hair remover longer than directed, will leave you with horrible looking legs. It is a chemical strong enough to kill follicles after all. leaving it on too long will cause a red itchy rash that can lead to further infection. Now would you rather have hairy legs or a rash that makes people cringe?

Never leave it on longer than directed and never use it on sensitive skin like genitals or our face. You only have this price to pay if you do.

grey hair

Pluck a Grey Hair and Three More Will Grow Back

This is a fun myth as women age, mostly to keep them from trying to hide it. However, it is completely false that if you pluck a grey hair will make three more grow. Worry about a greying head might make three more grow, but plucking it? That's not how hair works. A follicle can only grow one hair at a time. So all that will happen is that the grey hair will grow back. Yes, it will be grey, as the hair follicle has lost it's pigment permanently.  This myth actually started because when one grey hair shows, it is a very steep slippery slope. They do seem to multiply quickly.

Waxing Will Always Hurt

This is actually both true and false. Waxing will always hurt, yes. But it will not always hurt as much. Remember how when you tweezed your eyebrows it was hell the first time, but after that the pain sensors became numbed. It is much the same everywhere else. However, if you are still experiencing severe pain, you may want to check when your appointment is. When you wax closer to your period, your hormones make everything so very sensitive. So consider scheduling your waxing treatments two weeks after you period. That way your hormones will be balances and you will be less sensitive to pain.

Another method to wax waxing hurt less is to distract yourself. Bring a stress ball and squeeze it during the procedure. For some reason, being distracted with sensations elsewhere makes pain hurt less. That is why they say to win a bar fight, you should think of sex. It makes the hits hurt less.