Wiz Khalifa Famous

What traits made Wiz Khalifa famous?

Wiz Khalifa is one of the rising rap artists right now.

If you've followed his hustle, you can recognize some key factors for his current success.

What traits made Wiz Khalifa famous?

Let me show you, why he's creating such a buzz right now:

1. Be Unique

Stand Out!

You always recognize Wiz Khalifa by his funny laugh in every track.

But he doesn't even need to rap to stand out.

His outward appearance is one of a kind – skinny, fully tattooed upper body, military shorts and converse chucks.

In addition to that, he rocks his own sweaters from Taylor Gang.

He also drops the phrase "Taylor Gang or die" (in different variations) in most of his tracks. A phrase, which got stuck in most of the people's heads.

So, if you want to be succesful in your own hustle, try to be different and think out-of-the-box.

2. Don't Quit

Wiz Khalifa had a huge hit ("Say Yeah") in 2007. This hit made Wiz Khalifa famous back in the days.

After that he pretty much disappeared off the radar, but he still went hard with his mixtapes.

It's important that you don't surrender, when you hit the first the obstacle.

Maybe you're just an inch away from true success.

Keep going!

3. Surround Yourself With Like-Minded People

Pittsburgh is the city Wiz Khalifa grew up in. Most of his tracks were produced by friends, who also grew up in Pittsburgh.

Johnny Juliano's and BigJerm's beats are perfectly suited to match Wiz Khalifa's style.

Remember: Surround yourself with people, who have a positive influence in your hustle.

4. Don't Be Too Different

This may seem contrary to the first point, but you shouldn't stand out too much.

Wiz Khalifa hadn't such a buzz, if his production wouldn't match to what is hot right now.

Or could you imagine Wiz Khalifa spittin' to a folklore beat?

Distinguish from the rest, but still obverse what the market is hungry for right now.

5. Make Use Of Web 2.0

Wiz Khalifa is killing the internet game.(Ok, it's mostly the work of his promoters & marketers but that's not the point)

You can find him on any big Social Media site - Facebook, Twitter and so on.

Even before his "Kush and OJ" mixtape was released, he was the #1 trend on Twitter.

He constantly twitters about what's going on in his life at the very moment.

Nowadays, it's important to be heavily active in the internet.

Try to be on every important Social Media site and make a brand of yourself.

6. Give More Than You Take

All of Wiz Khalifa's last mixtapes were available for free download.

He could have easily sold them, but decided not to.

Always remember to give more than you take, at least at first.

Trust me, people will remember you and come back later for further business.


These traits made Wiz Khalifa famous. Keep these points in mind and your success is guaranteed!

Thank you for reading!