When you are in an office environment, it is important to dress professionally. Your appearance is a representation of the company you work for. First impressions mean everything in the business world, so it is best to stay polished at all times. Outfits that you wear to work play an important part in presenting a clean image. If you are in a management position, it is even more critical to uphold all dress code standards set forth in the business policy. Everyone should also remember that shoes are no exception to the rule. To stay clear of any problems, here are 5 types of shoes to never wear to the office. You can purchase the best office shoes from the Newport News and Famous Footwear online stores.

1. Flip Flops

Unless you are headed to the beach, these are not appropriate for work. The material on the flip flops do not last very long and are not made to protect the feet very well. You can set yourself up to fall in the office because most do not have a skid free surface on the bottom.

2. Open Toed Sandals

In an office environment, it is nice to have closed toe shoes. There can be unexpected accidents in the work place that can injure you toes if anything were to fall on them. A benefit to wearing closed to shoes is that women do not have to worry about coordinating polish on their feet everyday. Closed toe shoes also make work outfits appear sleek and stylish.

3. Sneakers

If you work in an office, these will never be an option to wear unless your company participates in a casual work day. However, even on those days, it may still be inappropriate to have sneakers on at work. It is best to keep these at home, the gym and everywhere else besides the office. Sure there are some that are not as bulky and are discreet, but it is best to avoid them at all costs. Professional clothes require dressier clothing.

4. Dirty Shoes

This is possibly one of the worst types of shoes you could ever wear to work. Dirty shoes completely throw off your whole appearance. Most people will be drawn to look at your shoes instead of admiring your nice office clothes. It can only bring out negative reactions from your co workers or boss. It is best to discard them or have the shoes cleaned, if possible.

5. Shoes with Lots of Decoration

There are several shoes on the market today that feature big metal studs, flowers embellishments, rhinestones and sequins. You do not want your shoes to over power the outfit that you are wearing to the office. Everyone can wear great designed shoes without over doing it.

6. Extreme Heels

High heel shoes are perfect for the office. If your heels are too high, then it becomes a major distraction. It can also make any knee length dresses and skirts appear shorter than what they are.