Unique Business Idea for Kids #1:

CD to iPod or MP3 Transfer Services.

This is the most suitable business for you if you are one of the most tech savvy kids at present.  The good thing about offering CD to iPod transfer services is that you have a hundred percent assurance that you will get a decent amount of profit from it provided you know exactly how things are done, effectively attract customers and show your expertise in this field. 

mp3 playerCredit: No attribution required.Side Bar: By they way, you can also offer a transfer to MP3 service as well (check the legalities of this in your country).

Your prospects would include kids within your age group who have just recently purchased their new iPod and would like different types of music files from a CD to be transferred into their units.  It can also cater to the needs of adults who have their own iPod but are unfamiliar about the steps involved in transferring their favorite music collection into their unit. 

Another advantage about this type of business is that you can operate it at home with the help of your PC, an internet connection and an app which allows you to download different types of music either for free or at a very minimal fee.  This is one of the many businesses for kids that require the least amount of investment. 

If you want to finally start this type of business, then you should take note of the following steps involved in the transfer of audio files from a CD to an iPod:

Download and install iTunes which you can access online at the Apple store into your Mac or PC.

  1. Open the iTunes program and import the stored audio files from the CD of your customers into your DVD/CD drive.  The Import CD button can be easily found at the bottom of the window for iTunes, specifically at the right part of it.  After importing the files, you can get the CD out of your drive.
  2. Look for the USB port of your PC and plug the iPod of your customers in it.  Look for the Music button and click it to view all the audio files saved in the iTunes library.  Search for the specific audio files that your customers would like to transfer and check the box located next to each file.  Click the Sync button which you can find at the bottom part of the window, specifically at the right portion.
  3. Copy the files and wait for the process to be completed.  Once a pop-up containing the words “Sync Complete” appears, then the transfer is successfully completed.  Remove the iPod safely from your PC and give it back to your customer.

The process of transferring the music files from a CD into an iPod or MP3 format will never consume a lot of your time.  In fact, you can expect to cater to the needs of numerous customers within a day.  If you want to be successful in this field and use the income that you get from this to at least help your parents from all the expenses at home, then you have to continue mastering the whole process. 

You may also consider collecting different types of CDs in case your customers do not own one but want tracks stored in a CD to be transferred into their unit.

Door to Door Selling of Arts and Crafts:

This is another great business idea that will perfectly suit aspiring young entrepreneurs at various age groups.  Selling arts and crafts is a profitable business venture but it requires a sense of commitment and an ability to talk to people and effectively offer to them the products that you are selling. 

homemade trainCredit: No attribution required.What makes this perfect for the younger ones is that it does not require a higher level of skills and knowledge when it comes to running a business.  In fact, you can commit mistakes, learn from it and move on until you notice that you are already getting a gradual increase in your profit.  This type of business does not solely require you to sell arts and crafts on a door to door basis.  You may also offer your products at fairs. 

The following are among the many things that can help you achieve success when selling arts and crafts either door to door or at fairs:

  1. Hone your skills in creating unique arts and crafts.  The good thing about this is that this undertaking is easy for kids since they can easily absorb information and let their creative imagination soar.  The younger ones are considered to have the highest level of creativity and you can expect them to use this in creating unique products that are sure to grab the attention of the public.  This will make it easier for you to persuade your target to buy from you even if you are still young.
  2. Improve your ability to research and establish an effective plan and maintain a bright personality.  This is important since you will be dealing with a lot of people.  You will have to stand on your feet and walk for longer hours if you decide to sell arts and crafts door to door or at fairs but you have to maintain a smile and your bright personality as this will allow you to continue effectively convincing people to buy from your creations.  If you maintain a brighter personality, then it will be easier for you to grab the attention of the public since there is a great tendency that they will admire you for your persistence.  The good thing about this venture is that you can easily find new customers at the least cost and with no overhead.  You will not also need to share your profit to a store owner or a gallery especially if you are running a home based business.  This will make it easier for you to reach your desired level of income and help your parents with all their financial woes with your earnings.
  3. Determine if your work is professional enough and marketable.  You have to first tell your parents about your decision to venture into this type of business and start attending shows that will determine if your creations are worthy to be sold.  There are shows that come with judges who will work towards reviewing your work and probably providing advises on how you can improve.  The shows will also allow you to identify the most ideal venue for your skills.  If you are already aware about your own skills and expertise, then you will have an easier time finding ways to stand out from the others especially if you are at fairs and you are competing with more mature and professional individuals.
  4. Start small.  Since you are still young, you do not have to immediately jump and tread into deeper waters.  This means that you can start small, allow yourself to try new things and commit mistakes as this is extremely useful in shaping you into a more effective entrepreneur.  It is also important for you to focus on improving your reputation in the field of selling arts and crafts either door to door or at fairs.  It is also advisable for you to practice your skills when it comes to controlling your spending.  This might be hard especially because you are still young but with constant practice, you will be able to master the skill of keeping your expenses at a minimum.  As you mature, you will learn new things that will allow you to further boost your profitability.
  5. Get the support of your family or friends.  Be sure that your parents and your closest friends are aware of your intention to try this business venture so you can ask for their support anytime. 

Keep in mind that the venture might become physically and emotionally tiring and without anyone to guide you all throughout the process, you will end up losing and failing.  Make sure that you know that you are well-supported by the people who are close to you especially your parents as this can work magic when it comes to further honing your entrepreneurial skills and in motivating yourself.

Social Media Consultancy:

social mediaCredit: No attribution required.An advantage of the kids and teenagers over the many adults today is that most of them have grown on the internet age and this makes them internet and tech savvy.  Most of the younger generations are now more familiar about how the worldwide web works and understand the basics of social networking. 

In fact, the young ones spend a lot of hours a day surfing the net, chatting and communicating with their friends online and regularly updating their statuses on various social networking sites. 

If you are one of these kids and teenagers, then note that you can turn your knowledge about social networks and how the worldwide web works into income.  There are hundreds of teens and young adults at present who actually earn a huge sum of money by working as social media consultants.  You can even earn more if you know more about some of the most profitable online money-making ideas like blogging and search engine optimization.

If you are interested about working as a social media consultant, then you should know that you can further improve your existing knowledge and skills about social networking by reading books and websites that talk about the ins and outs of using various social networks as effective promotional tools.  Knowledge about this will allow you to open up a small business and apply your skills in social networking to promote your products.  You can also offer various types of services including creating, maintaining and managing a Facebook page, Twitter account or a blog account for a fee.

Your knowledge about the worldwide web and computers will also allow you to offer tutoring services to anyone who is interested.  If you know everything about troubleshooting, organizing PC files and using the internet to find anything that you need, then you can start to offer your computer tutoring services to the older ones who are unsure about how things about the internet and computer work. 

Your computer tutoring service may also include setting up an email account, signing up for RSS feeds and navigating the net.  To start offering your services, you should consider talking to the authorized people in a community center and in the local public library so you will get an idea about who needs your service.  You may also advertise your offers by asking questions and distributing flyers/brochures at senior communities and senior centers.

Entertaining (Face Painting, Clown Acts, Puppet Shows):

Providing services in the field of entertainment is a good way for you to earn money while you are still young especially if you are one of those sociable kids who do not mind doing some form of planning and getting some attention. 

puppetCredit: No attribution required.Being part of a puppet show is one of your best choices.  You can invite your friends and tell your parents about your intention to build a puppet stand using scrap pieces of cardboard and plywood.  Since you will just be using scrap materials in building your stand, you do not need to worry where you will get the funds for your initial investment.  You can build the puppet stand outdoors and once everything is already done, you and your friends can start offering performances.

Offering puppet shows are one of the most profitable and enjoyable business ventures for kids especially because it does not require you to spend too much on overhead and its operation.  You can create your puppets using scrap materials or by buying the materials for a small fee. 

You and your friends can also produce your own skirts and start performing.  Make sure that you set up either blankets or seats in front of the built puppet stand.  Assign one of your friends to work in taking admission.  Advertising your puppet shows can be carried out by printing colorful fliers and distributing them to day care centers, libraries or the places where a lot of parents usually hang out.

If you are less of an entertainer but you have some artistic and creative talent, then you might consider venturing into the face painting business.  Tell your parents or guardian about your intention to do this so they can help you in looking for a high traffic area where you can start offering your services.  Among your options are the local park and public market but you have to consider checking out the rules and regulations in the area first to make sure that you won’t be violating any law.

After choosing the perfect location for your face painting services, you can start gathering all the materials that you need.  The good thing about this is that you will not be required to spend a huge sum of money to prepare all the needed materials.  In fact, you only need two stools and an inexpensive set of makeup. 

face paintingCredit: No attribution required.Create a list of the standard faces that you can creatively paint on the faces of your customers like a princess or a lion.  You should also consider taking requests to earn more.  You should charge your clients on a per face basis so you will have an easier time effectively monitoring your earnings.

If you are a teenager who love to entertain children younger than you, then working as a party clown is one of the most exciting ways to earn money.  Rest assured that your services are in great demand since a lot of parents are now in search of younger clowns because there are a lot of kids who fear of seeing adult-sized clowns. 

The good thing about this type of business is that it does not require costly investments as well.  You can also create your costumes out of scraps and your old clothes.  You may also use magic tricks and balloon animals when performing to ensure that you provide kids with the highest level of entertainment.

Gift Box Services:

gift basketCredit: No attribution required.This type of business will allow the members of the whole family to get involved.  What you need to do is to take some order sheets from anyone who is interested about giving out themed gift boxes. 

The themes may include body care, gourmet foods and any other useful gift baskets or boxes.  You may also consider adding extras into your services such as balloons. 

An advantage of this business is that it does not require a huge amount of investment.  You will just have to collect the money from your customers right away after taking their order and use this to start buying all the items that you need to create the gift box.  Once done, then you can hand-deliver the gift box to its recipient.

In order for this type of business to work profitably for you, you have to make sure that you create a list of how much all the items that you should put into the box will cost.  You have to do this before offering your service so you will know exactly how you can charge your customers.  You should also consider looking for the best places to shop for affordable items. 

This will allow you to save even more when buying all the items that you need, thereby allowing you to further increase your potential profit.  If you are still unfamiliar about the whole process of shopping at reduced prices, then you should consider seeking the help of your parents.  You can expect them to guide you especially if you are still starting out.  To advertise your services, you should consider distributing attractive and persuasive fliers or brochures at gift shops.

Selling on Ebay:

ebayCredit: No attribution required.This is one of the many business ventures that you can operate online.  If you think that the act of selling items on Ebay is only for adults, then you are wrong.  This can also work perfectly for children and teenagers especially if they know a lot of things about computers, auctioning and promoting items online.  What you need to do is to first determine which among the items that you own have you outgrown and you are no longer using. 

Find out if these are still in good condition and ask your parents if it is alright for them if you sell the items online.  If your parents agree to your decision, then you should discuss about how each item should be priced.  You should consider seeking the advice of your parents when it comes to pricing as you can expect them to know how the items should be priced in a manner that you will generate profits.

It should also be noted that you cannot only sell your used items on Ebay.  You may also explore the site and find out if there are online shops that will allow you to work as one of their resellers and offer commissions for every sale that you have made. 

If you want to achieve success when selling items on Ebay or any other auction sites, then you have to make sure that you first conduct a research about how this works before immediately venturing into this undertaking.  It is also important for you to work hard in creating the most captivating product listing before posting your offer on the site.  Your listing should be filled with all the information that your potential customers might need when it comes to deciding if the products that you are offering are worth buying.

It is also advisable for you to continue providing the highest level of service to your clients.  Bear in mind that Ebay and some of the most reputable auctions sites at present allow their members to offer feedback for every sales transaction that have been successfully carried out.  If you offer great services and deliver high quality products to your customers, then you can expect them to leave an excellent feedback on your profile and this is a huge help in building your reputation and your credibility online.


happy childCredit: No attribution required.

This is also a good way to instill a stronger sense of discipline, responsibility, commitment and hard work within oneself. 

If you are a youngster looking to start your own little business, make sure that you tell your parents or your guardians about it as you can expect them to have a great contribution to your success. 

It is also advisable for you to let your parents teach you about the law so you won’t end up violating any of them in your attempt to effectively advertise your products and generate more income and customers.  This will increase your chances of achieving success in the business industry even at an early age.

Running a business when you or your children are still young is extremely beneficial considering the fact that this works in effectively honing your entrepreneurial skills. You can do it!

Hopefully this inspired you to start a unique part time or full time business. If it did or if you have comments please share them or contact me. Good luck!