6 Warning Signs That You Have A Bad Baby SitterThose entering into the childcare field, including babysitters, should think about the high responsibility of caring for someone else’s children.  This is not a job that should be looked at as being small or insignificant. Parents who work need care for their children. Therefore, they expect that their children be well taken care of. Hiring a babysitter is idea for some parents rather than sending their children to a childcare facility. How can parents know whether or not they are choosing the right babysitter for their family? Here are 6 warning signs that parents would want to consider:

Constantly Late

Punctuality is a must with any job. A working as a babysitter is no different; they should be required to be on time as well. If a babysitter is constantly late this could indicate that they do not take their job as serious as they should. When caring for children, especially your children, the potential babysitter would want to view the job as being important. Arriving at the job late shows a person to lack dependability and is very unprofessional.

Unprofessional Appearance

Most people believe the phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” Well, sometimes that’s just not true, like with people. If a person was going to interview someone for a very important job, let’s say caring for their child, what would they look for in the person’s appearance? Perhaps they would ask questions like: Are they neat in appearance?  Are their clothes clean? How is their personal hygiene? Do they have a lot of body piercings or tattoos that indicate a rebellious attitude?

The way we dress can convey a message about who we really are. Fashion does make a statement and sometimes not a good one. A person wanting to babysit for you who dresses sloppy or even provocative should send off warning signs.

Your Child’s Response

Children communicate in various ways. One of those ways is body language. Even if your child can’t speak, his body language can speak for him. If your child is hesitant to stay with a babysitter who he was once comfortable with before, he could be sending a warning sign that something is not right. So what are some warning signs you should be aware of are:

  • Your child has become fearful of the babysitter and is hesitant to stay with them.
  • You find bruises on your child. Even if the sitter can explain them to you, think about what you know about your child. If your child usually does not get bruises, you would want to look into this. 
  • Your child appears to be less active or not wanting to play as usual.
  • Frequent diaper rashes could indicate that your child’s diapers aren’t being changed in a timely manner if they are in diapers.

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Negative Social Network Status

Most people today use a form of social networking. If you are interested in learning more about a person, why not view their social networking page? This too can reveal a lot about their personality, views, and morals. Social networking sites such as Facebook is a commonplace now for people to connect with family and friends. This can also be a good tool to find out who you are going to hire or have already hired. Someone who keeps up a lot of drama so to say on their social network page would signal red flags.

Television Babysitter

Childcare involves not only ensuring the safety of one’s child, but it involves teaching as well. Setting educational goals for the child to accomplish can help with their development. A babysitter who constantly uses the television to entertain a child is not a good babysitter. Television should be used at a minimum unless you as the parent say otherwise. A good babysitter will have a planned schedule of fun educational activities to engage in each day.

Excessive Texting and Talking on the Phone

Have you ever been driving behind someone that was texting instead of paying attention to the road? Would you want that person to care for your children? Probably not! If you constantly find yourself coming home to a sitter that is always on the phone or texting, more than likely they are doing this when they are supposed to be caring for your child. This too is unprofessional and shows a lack of responsibility.

Parents do well to remember, adequate childcare means your child’s safety and could mean their life. Therefore, choose your babysitter wisely and use good judgment. 

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