Employee training is one of the most critical aspects of management. It is often very challenging to find the time away from regular day-to-day activities to train staff but the pros can easily outweigh the cons. Here we give you six reasons why you need to train your staff.


1. The Sign Off - What are we referring to? Well, fundamentally, the capacity to state as a company that a member of staff has been trained on a certain task and is able to execute that task in concordance with company policy. What? Why don't we put it another way, when a member of staff is trained to carry out a task in a particular way then if they do not carry out the task as required it is a lot simpler to take disciplinary action against them. But beware; this applies to managers as well as staff!


2. Staff belief in the organisation. Ah, that is better. Training is not simply a trap to ensnare employees. It also can help to show employees that the business is serious about its personnel. Training and development are among the first factors which workers look for when selecting a prospective employer (and money obviously), so do not hesitate to be everything they desire.


3. Delegation - Isn't this what good management is all about? It is a cliché but still completely true. However, you cannot tell somebody to undertake something if they don't know how. Showing them how is one of your responsibilities as manager. Otherwise, in the end, what do you need these people for?


4. Opportunity for discussion - Employee training needs to be held in locations away from distractions (such as clients). This will provide the trainer with the chance to get the pertinent points across but also offers the personnel the chance to air their opinions and discuss the things which matter to them. These extras should not dominate the training or steer it off course but can offer extremely useful feedback for managers.


5. Staff acquiring responsibility - Yes, that's correct. Staff should assume responsibility for customers, problems and projects. No staff member is immune to the obligations of responsibility and they'll appreciate it if these kinds of honours are bestowed on them. No, honestly. They will however require some training since they will need to have the confidence to get these things done. So, get bestowing!


6. Self-confidence - The real reason to train! Whether or not dealing with clients or their line manager, employees ought to know exactly what company policy is. This is quite a key point as in a number of businesses the ability to disseminate information is quite difficult and often results in senior management contradicting themselves. In reality this is very common and probably the single biggest concern of any staff member. The best way to overcome this is to train!


Employee training is time intensive but in the end every minute spent training is worth ten after because the staff will undoubtedly be more involved, more capable and more eager to take responsibility than ever before.