With the power of the Internet comes great responsibility….and Opportunity! When it comes to making money, the Internet is vast. The Internet is growing and will continue to grow, bringing about more and more opportunities for a stream of income. Although there are many ways to gain a steady income online you should always keep a keen eye for scams.

You are in the right place at the right time, I am going to to touch on 6 common and successful ways of making money online!

1. Affiliate Marketing

  • Choose a popular niche – Finding a popular group to cater your products to.
  • Find the perfect Keyword – Use Google Adwords Tool in order to find keywords and their search stats.
  • Review Your Product – Give your customers some information on the product; how it works, it's uses, success stories, etc. Never reveal too much, you should leave them wanting more!
  • Promoting Your Product – To date, ClickBank has had the most success working with affiliates in order to sell their digital products.

2. How To Guides

The internet is teeming with information and people who are seeking to soak up that info. If writing is a strong point, you may enjoy writing articles for cash. eHow features many how to articles, which have become wildly popular for info seekers. eHow pays their writers commision on article views. This means…. the higher quality article and the more helpful that it is > The more views and higher ratings that you will recieve > The more cash you have in your pocket!

3. Blogging

Blogging has become wildly popular over the years and more and more people are beginning to cash in on it. There is so much potential behind it because Blogging incorporates so many other income streams such as Google Adsense, Affiliate Networking sales, and the promotion of the blogger's products. The most important rules of Blogging when trying to gain profit are fresh easy to follow content and traffic. Traffic = Profit!

4. Paid Surveys

Most of you have probably come across paid surveys sometime during your internet conquest, i know what your thinking, "paid surveys are such a waste of time!" But the truth is that they are actually very profitable if used correctly. Many paid surveys have small payout thresholds while at the same time offer low PPC (pay per click). The key to paid surveys is their referral programs, referral program means that for every new member you refer to the survey website, you get a percentage of the new members earnings.

5. Advertising

Because there are so many people plugged into the internet, companies are paying out big bucks for their advertising campaigns. Being a successful advertiser means reaching the right consumer group with the right product. Some of the different advertising techniques are:

  • Banner Ads: Banners are most commonly utilized on Blogs. If you can manage to maintain a large amount of traffic to your website, banner ads can start you off in the right way.
  • Contextual Ads: Contextual ads are aimed towards a specific visitor. Common keywords play an enormous role in gaining income from this method.
  • In-Text Ads: This method utilizes search engines in order to gain traffic and profit.

6. No Website Required!

ShoutMeLoud is a revenue sharing site. This means that it's users are able to enter their Google Adsense details and then write quality articles. Submitters are compensated when featured Ads are clicked on their article.