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How Can I Become More Positive?

We all have the capacity for both positive and negative days. It is all in our state of mind. Your attitude and outlook will determine how positive a person you can become. Of course genetics can play a part in terms of brain chemistry, but here we will look at the more general ways in which you can improve your mental outlook day by day for a happier and more optimistic existence. Being positive is a life choice that you can make and one which you have the ability to control to a large extent.

Looking on the bright side is something we all need to learn to do more in our lives. Yet whilst it may seem difficult when times are hard, there are some simple steps you can take towards gaining that more optimistic perspective you are looking for. Let’s take a look at the ways you can implement a more positive attitude into your daily life with these 6 top tips...

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1. Ban Negative Thoughts

We all have negative thoughts from time to time and the trick is in how we react to them. Some people will listen to the negativity and act accordingly, whilst others are able to turn a negative into a positive. How do they achieve this? The answer is through constructively reacting and focusing their energy and time on the positive side.

You have to become aware of the negative thoughts and then banish them from your mind. If you struggle to do this, then ask yourself what is the opposite positive thought of your negative one? And then reinforce this concept and enlarge it in your mind. Write it down if that helps each day and by the end of the week you will have a notepad full of the positive thoughts you have had. Don’t let negativity control your life, let the positive thoughts and ideas you have overwrite them. Push through and force this concept and eventually it will become easier to actually believe in and will become a natural habit.

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2. Stop Judging

We all make countless judgments every day from deciding what clothes to wear each morning to judging the weather outside the window. These are what we could call ‘neutral’ judgments as they are not directly resulting in a positive or negative outcome. However, how many times a day do you also make negative judgments involving yourself? From what to wear again and what to eat, as well as judgments upon others. We are all our own worst enemies and strongest critics but from a ‘fight or flight’ reaction standpoint, this is inbuilt to our genetics for safety in dangerous situations.

However, we all need to learn how to relax that voice in our heads that judges us in a negative light all the time. There are many situations where judging is not going to change or prove anything, so let it wash over you. You need to consciously decide not to listen to that voice and instead become more passive to those predictable every day judgments you are making. If you struggle to create more positive judgments then try and aim for turning your negative thoughts into neutral ones through repetition and adjustment.

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3. Laugh More

It may seem one of the more obvious tips, but laughter really can boost your mood, spirits and positivity in general. Finding time to share stories and jokes with family and friends or even going to watch a live comedian are all ways to get more laughter into your life. Why not join a club from a book club to a walking one and you will not only have more laughter in your life, you will discover more friends socially too. Laughter will boost your self-confidence, your feelings of happiness and self-worth as well as your spirits. It is just that sometimes we have to get outside the front door and make the effort to invite laughter into our lives.

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4. Learn From Your Experiences

Often events in our past have shaped our mental outlook for the future as well as in the present but we need to learn to accept the past for what it is. Becoming more positive as a person is also about moving forwards in this manner. Try not to view your past with regrets of any sort because the past cannot be changed and this approach will only act to hold back your progress mentally. It is not only about viewing the glass as ‘half full’ as an optimist would, but more about assessing things from a more neutral standpoint. This is useful if you are finding it difficult to think in a positive mindset. If an event from you past is still disturbing you mentally then try this exercise; focus on the facts and write pro and con lists about that specific event.

Then for each negative remark tell yourself you have accepted the past and ask yourself what did you learn from this event? By the end of the exercise, you should discover that you have actually learnt quite a lot from these negative things occurring and this knowledge could boost your mood and make you feel more positive. In addition, it acts to show you how your past events, despite their negative connotations, have shaped you into the person you are today.

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5. Set Yourself Goals

Setting yourself goals will not only give you an aim and something to work towards, it will always help you to look forwards more instead of backwards or dwelling on the past. You can become a more optimistic person by setting goals and thinking about your achievements will add to your positive mentality.

Focus on what you want in life or what it is that you would like to achieve and then break this goal down into small, manageable daily chunks. Keep a log of your targets for viewing when you have achieved them, be it financial goals or fitness ones for example. This way you are setting up a system of self-rewarding which can only help to encourage you further to achieve more in your life.

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6. Believe In Yourself

We all have days when it can be hard to see the positive side to a situation, but you need to develop an internal system whereby you can always draw on strength from yourself. This is certainly one of the harder steps to implement but it stems from a feeling of self-worth and self-confidence. As we looked at in tip 3, laughter will increase your happiness and your belief in yourself.

Also, surrounding yourself with people who make you happy and who are supportive will reinforce a positive belief in your inner core, so work hard to be around family and friends who make you happy. A small exercise you could practice in front of the mirror is to say phrases to yourself repeatedly such as ‘I am a confident person’, ‘I can achieve things in my life’ or ‘I am worthy of love and happiness’. Repeat such phrases again and again each morning and your belief in yourself will grow and you will develop an inner mental strength that can ultimately help you become a more positive person. Remember to share your new attitude of positivity with others around you, and we will all see the great benefits of positive thinking spread far and wide.

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