Something has made you very unhappy. You feel like it's impossible to smile again – at least for today. But you don't want to be unhappy. You realize that it's time to cheer up. So here are six ways to happiness.

1) Family/Friends/Pets

Those close to you can sense it when something is amiss. Let the people who you feel close to know your pain. If they are truly loyal to you, they will provide support for you through these tough times. Don't be afraid to seek assistance, but choose your confidants sparingly and with care. Even if you can't or are not the type to confess the deepest woes of your heart, you can still allow those close to you to cheer you up. Go on a trip with the family. Hang out with your friends. Take your dog out for a walk. Whatever you do, don't completely isolate yourself from the others – you will just become unhappier in the long run.

2) Food

No cheer-yourself-up guide is complete without the mention of comfort food. Sure, you may feel bad for indulging, but holding yourself back can simply make you even more frustrated and unhappy. Go ahead, prepare your favourite snack. Don't make yourself feel overly guilty about eating. But watch yourself – don't overeat. Know your limits, or else those extra pounds may come back to haunt you and make you feel worse.

3) Hobby

Set aside a reasonable amount of time to do something you love, even if you think you have no time at all. Paint or sculpt a masterpiece. Do some knitting. Cook a delicious meal. Jog around the block. Read a favourite book or watch a movie to take your mind off your own troubles. Whatever you do, find something that will distract you from brooding over the thing that is bothering you.

4) Be Productive

Keep yourself busy by doing productive things, like keeping up with household chores, finishing up that school assignment, or going to work. It helps you not only take your mind off things but also maintain your momentum, pulling yourself together and giving yourself a sense of accomplishment – at least something went right. Everyone around you will appreciate your effort as well.

5) "Misery Loves Company"

Try to find other people's stories that are closely associated with your situation. It may help ease the pain a little bit knowing that there are people who face the same problem as you do or who have it even worse (believe me, there's always someone in the world worse off than you!). Who knows, perhaps you may even stumble upon a solution for your problem as you learn about other people's experiences that are similar to yours!

6) Face the Music

Lastly, don't shirk away from the problem. It's still going to be there, nagging at you. Eventually, you would have to acknowledge its unfortunate existence. Is there any way you can resolve the problem? If so, resolve it (I know, easier said than done). Seek professional help if needed. If not, keep things in perspective. If the problem revolves around a memory you cannot change, learn what you can from the experience and move on. Life is continuous. Remember that worse things can happen, and be thankful that they did not. Try to look at the bright side of things, and one day you will wake up and the pain will have lessened.