>>>> Be genuine...Women are known to be a lot more passionate, so we occasionally try to be taken a lot more earnestly by behaving more like men. That was my approach back in high school when I first began debating. I would wear suits to debates, although I'm a lot more dresses kind of gal. But when I ultimately chose to begin wearing colorful dresses, my temper lifted, and I was more at ease and I began winning more often.

>>>> Alternate the script...When you are a woman in a male-dominated world.. Like basketball you'll always be questioned. Recruiting for my college squad, I would occasionally butt heads with fellow coaches who would say, [What skill do you have to be here? Have you ever played the game?] I would tell them I began in college, then I'd ask them the exact same question. Half of them had never played the game either!

>>>> Be the sort of individual you would take heed to...Whether you're speaking to your boyfriend or a bunch of guys in the lunch room, nothing you say will matter if a dreadful reputation comes before you. You can speak the best speech in the world, and if you are not believed, guys will just roll their eyes at you.

>>>> Demonstrate that you really care...If you're talking about something you're enthusiastic about, you're going to speak passionately, and that can be a beneficial thing. People stop and take heed when they can see you actually, truly care.

>>> Choose your fights don't let them choose you...Stick to what you know. Ignorance never wins. Arguing is similar verbal boxing there are so many punches and jabs, and if you're not equipped with knowledge, you will be squashed. That said, even if you don't recognize enough to, say, debate politics with a loudmouthed jerk at a party, you can simply cease the conversation. Pull him aside and say, [I believe we have unlike beliefs on this topic, but let's not discuss it here right now].

>>>> Know when to quit and revaluate your position...I actually try to do this myself... When matters are becoming fired up between my husband and me, I take a big deep breath and say, revaluate It typically brings us both to laugher, and it always prompts me to stop and consider what's underneath my angriness. Then I can talk in a more rational place.