6 Ways to Stop Negative Thinking and Boost Your Self-Esteem

End Harmful Self-Criticism For Good

Our thoughts are tremendously powerful. They can lift us up, or they can drag us down. Thoughts can manifest the very reality we are living.

We can often be very hard on ourselves throughout the course of a day, and drum up a series of negative thoughts. One negative thought can compound into many. These negative thoughts can accumulate and have harmful effects on the health of your mind.

In this article, I will give you a few tips on how to end your negative thoughts and self-criticism, and offer ways to boost your self-esteem.

Simply Stop Thinking Negatively

The first thing you can do to end self-criticism is to simply stop. Tell yourself that you will no longer engage in putting yourself down. Don't give energy towards bashing yourself. Instead, give energy towards building yourself up. That is, you can tell yourself things that will make yourself feel good, instead of bad.

Be Mindful

Once you start making a habit of telling yourself to stop negative self-talk, you will start to notice your thoughts without automatically engaging them and reacting emotionally. This is being mindful of your negative thoughts. You will also notice that, without all that negative banter going on in your head, there is now more room for other thoughts, especially positive thinking.

Turn Negative Thoughts into Positive Actions

After getting the hang of mindfulness, you'll probably feel you have some room to "play" with those pesky negative thoughts. This means you can turn those negative thoughts into positive actions! This may take some practice. But if you give this some genuine effort, it will become easier for you to see the bright side of almost anything.

A way to turn negative thoughts into positive actions is to make a list of your negative thoughts or base fears, and then on that same page, write down a positive take on those same negative thoughts. For instance, say your negative thought is "I hate my job". You can alternatively, and positively, say "Every day I create more wealth and abundance". Or if you think “I’ll never be my ideal weight.” Turn that negative thought into the positive: “I nourish my body with healthy foods”. Believe or not, these positive thoughts will be actions in no time. More often than not, it’s a matter of perspective; and you can change yours!

Say and Think Affirmations

By changing your thinking, you change your reality. By turning your negative thoughts into positive actions, you’ve changed your way of living. Those positive thoughts and actions above are also called affirmations.

Affirmations are statements that you think, say, feel and, ultimately, believe. Say and think these whenever you can: when you first wake up, before you go to bed, when you’re on lunch break, when you’re waiting for the bus. Make it a habit.

Be Grateful

A lot of positivity takes gratitude into account. Simply said, be grateful. Sure, things could always be better; but by the same token, things could always be worse. Look at what you have, not at what you don't have. You may have an awesome family or friends who care about you; you may pursue interesting hobbies or passions; you may live in a place that you are fortunate enough to come home to and relax. You have a lot to be thankful for.

Be Gentle with Yourself                       

Life is hard enough as it is, so don't make it harder for yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Be kind. Be loving. You deserve it. You deserve all the good that can come out of life. Savor it. If you're coming from a very negative place, these words may be hard to swallow. But they are truths. And these truths apply to you.

Remember: You are always in charge of your reality. Take charge by turning your reality into a positive place where you allow yourself to flourish into all the potential you know you have.

I Love Me
Credit: http://psych-your-mind.blogspot.com/2011/06/boosting-self-esteem-putting-partner.html