Niche Writing Has a Lot Earning Potential for You to Tap

Some ideas to earn niche money do not involve writing at all!

Everybody has something that they are passionate about. For some, it is a certain charity that they volunteer their time, for others it is a sport or hobby that has captivated them. Other people have a fascination with a celebrity or television show. No matter what your passion is, there are ways to make free money online with it by enriching your niche.

7 Ways to Enrich Your Niche and Make Money OnlineCredit:

In January 2010, I started my career as an online writer. I began with a handful of articles about things I knew-saving money and being a Girl Scout leader. Three years later, while I do earn money with the former, it is the latter that has carved out my online reputation and has been a consistent money earner for me. Not Donald Trump kind of money, but the kind that permits me to pay bills or save for large ticket items, like my daughter’s upcoming senior prom!

Here are seven ways that I enrich my niche and earn free money online that helps my family out every month.

Find Your Niche

The first question that you probably have is "What niche should I write about?” That, unfortunately, I cannot tell you. I have no idea what the best niches are, since I do not look for them. I write what I know, and you should, too! It is the best starting point, in my opinion.


Write Articles in Your Niche

Begin your online library by writing here on Info Barrel or on any other web platform that permits you to publish articles. Write them in batches and interlink them with each other. This gives the reader an opportunity to see your other work, as well as making the work of writing articles faster.

My favorite writing strategy is to focus on one topic at a time. My brain works better that way, and I can write more articles in a shorter amount of time.

Enrich Your Niche by Starting a Blog

At the same time I began my online writing journey, I began a free Blogger blog about being a Girl Scout leader. It was an opportunity to have a backlink to my work (back when they were more important) and also another platform to share my knowledge. Not every Girl Scout topic was worthy of a 500 word article!

Over time, my blog grew and I finally moved it over to Wordpress. I should have done it sooner-my stats told me that it was a good idea-but it just scared me to think I could lose all of my work in the transfer.

Then the fear of waking up one day and having Google delete my blog became even greater, so I made the switch.

The point is that it is free to start this kind of blog, so why not start one? 


Enrich Your Niche by Adding Affiliate Links

There is a fine line between a hard sell and adding affiliate links that are useful to the reader. The products you choose to promote should be relevant to your topic. I am not going to try and sell Girl Scout leadersa new microwave while writing about a Daisy Girl Scout activity!

Join sites such as Amazon, Commission Junction and Linkshare and find things to sell that will add to your bottom line. Use them sparingly.


Find Other Sites to Write On to Enrich Your Niche

No one should ever have all of their online income in one basket. Sites shut down or lose their Adsense accounts, and if you have not diversified, you will lose 100% of the free money you have earned online.

After mastering Info Barrel, I signed up with Hubpages, and then Seekyt, Squidoo and Zujava. I find a new writing site easier when I stay in my niche. By sticking with what I know best, it is less of a challenge to learn the site, as I am familiar with my topic.

In addition,  by sharing my knowledge on various sites, I have different opportunities to earn money online. Other sites have a different Amazon layout than Info Barrel, as well as more lenient rules about outbound links. I

Many of my Girl Scout articles on these sites are linked to the ones I have written on Info Barrel.

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Write a Book for Kindle

Over the years, I have received countless emails from leaders asking for help. I have been a teacher since 1987, and quite honestly, these questions seemed very basic and easy to answer in my eyes. However, this was not the case coming from a mom who is a new volunteer with no experience working with large groups of children. She was like a deer with the headlights shining in your face. But instead of a deer, it was ten or more five year old girls!

I wrote my Kindle book with these brave, wonderful volunteers in mind. My book is not for everyone, but for a very micro niche of brand new, never had any experience with kids, volunteers. Basically, I am holding their hand from the minute they sign on the dotted line to their first few meetings.

It costs nothing to write a book for Kindle, so once you have an idea for enriching your niche with a book write it!  Just have a thick skin in case the overly opinionated write reviews that you may not like.  I believe what I have written is valuable, and I have the sales reports to show for it.

Create a Product to Tie in With Your Niche

Is there a product that you can develop from your niche? This is something I have thought long and hard about, and over the course of the next few years, I plan on putting it into action.

My younger daughter is an artist and is very excited about starting a new online venture with Mommy. We have lots of ideas, and will need the time to figure it out and see it through. Of course, it has to do with Girl Scouts and it is a product that most troops use at one time or another. It is my intention to launch my product on my blog and via my online articles to make it successful.

My older daughter has also created designs for me that I sell and it helps us both!

Sell a Product That Already Exists

I have recently discovered another way to make money in my niche without having to write or create anything.  The Girl Scouts of America discontinued it's old line of badges that aligned with the old badge program.  However, leaders still love the old program and have been searching for these badges for their troop.

Many Council stores have been getting rid of them for the past year.  As a leader who has bought these badges online on auction sites for my own daughter, I knew there was a market out there for them.  So I bought a bunch and sold them privately through Girl Scout leader groups.  It was easy money to make and it still is within my niche!

My plan is to branch out to other clearance Girl Scout items and sell them in private groups.  

Enriching your niche is one way to earn free money online. While diversifying your topics is a welcome change of pace, by becoming an expert in your field you have the chance to earn money writing about something you love and enjoy.