Males who are desirous of building muscle must maintain a good level of testosterone in their system. One of the reasons that men start to put on weight as they approach the age of thirty is that testosterone begins to decrease. As a result of testosterone decreasing muscle loss begins to occur and fat begins to invade.

One of the most effective ways to keep fat off is to keep your testosterone levels high. Fortunately, there are a few things that you can do to help keep your levels naturally elevated. Below you will find six such ideas. Some require work and some can be quite enjoyable.

Get More Sleep

I am always looking for reasons to justify staying in bed a little longer. Unfortunately, I normally don't get as much sleep as I should. Getting up early for work has something to do with that. Recent studies that have been done by both the University of Chicago and the University of North Carolina suggest that a lack a adequate sleep can lead to a decrease in testosterone.

You need at least six hours of sleep and probably should get around eight hours each night if possible. You testosterone levels are the highest in the morning and is a direct result of you getting rest. So make sure that you get an appropriate level of rest each and every day.

Lose Body Fat

Having an excess of body fat will lead to a reduction of your testosterone levels. It is sort of a catch-22 situation that you need to fight to reverse. As you get older your testosterone level decrease which leads to an increase in fat which leads to even further loss of testosterone. The cycle continues to repeat itself.

One of the things that you can do is to engage in intense fat burning sessions. You do not want to try to starve yourself in order to lose the fat because this can have an adverse effect on your testosterone. What you want to do is engage in high intensity workouts of short duration that prompt fat loss.

The problem is that fat contains an enzyme that has a way of doing on a number on your testosterone levels. In fact it can convert the testosterone into estrogen. This is not a good thing if you are hoping to add muscle.

Lift Heavy Stuff

There is no better way to increase the production of testosterone in your body than by lifting heavy things. Generally, this is accomplished by lifting weights. Now when you go into the weight room dispense with the dumbbells and grab a barbell and get busy.

You should focus on a few exercises that will form the core of what you do. Squats, deadlifts, overhead presses, pullups and bench presses should be regular staples of your workout program.

Another great thing that you can do is compound exercises such as cleans, power cleans and snatches. It is best if you can perform these exercises in a compound set. This is known as a barbell complex. An example of this would be to perform 5 reps of each of the following without rest in between and without setting the bar down: Bent Over Row, Power clean, push press, back squat and military press. The completion of one round of each exercise would be the end of the first set. Perform about 4 sets overall. This is the fastest way to blast fat off of your body and to spike your testosterone levels through the roof. Make sure that the bar never touches the ground at any point during the four sets. I must warn you though that this is not the pleasurable way to raise testosterone levels but it is the most effective. More pleasurable ways are to come.

Have An Active Sex Life

If giving you the go ahead to get a good amount of sleep wasn't pleasurable enough we are going to step it up a bit and suggest that you maintain an active sex life or at least sexual stimulation.

Studies have shown that sexual stimulation has a direct impact on the production of testosterone. I think that you can figure out why without having to go into a long explanation as to why. If you go long periods without sexual stimulation your testosterone levels will begin to decrease.

Hopefully, you will have the energy for this after performing the style workout suggested in the last section. You might have to wait a couple hours in between to allow your body to stop shaking.

Supplement Your Diet with Zinc

Zinc has been show to aid in the production of testosterone. In some way it helps to prevent testosterone from being converted into estrogen. Zinc has also been linked to higher sperm counts which is a direct result of higher testosterone levels.

If you are opposed to taking supplements or don't want to spend the extra money to do so then you can make sure that you eat enough of the following foods. These foods are high in zinc: beef, liver, seafood (my favorite), nuts, dairy product, beans and turkey.

Lower Your Stress Levels

Other than stress just not being to fun to live with and not being good for your health, it is not good for your testosterone production either. Your body releases a hormone called cortisol when you are stressed out. And cortisol negative impacts your T levels.

Cortisol has also been linked with an increase in belly fat and as has been shown earlier fat leads to a decrease in testosterone; not to mention the fact that it make you look less appealing. There is nothing that repels the opposite sex more than an overgrown belly. Removing the stress in your life will help to keep the belly fat away. Of course, getting a great workout that enables you to blow off some steam helps to reduce stress.

You can also do other things that lower stress as well. Remove yourself from environments that create stress. Try to control your stress when watching your favorite team blow a big game. Get out and take a walk or engage in a hobby that you enjoy and takes your mind off of your current problems.

All of these things together can help aid your production of testosterone and in turn enable your to burn fat and to build muscle.