There are many reasons as to why people like or don’t like you. It could be due to your personality or something you did to offend them. While I can’t say that everybody likes me but most of them do, I think. Jokes aside, I am sure you can make anybody like you. It may be easier for some and harder for other but it is possible. Here are some ways that would definitely make people like you.

1.Never criticize. When you insult or scold somebody, it usually does not result in something good. The usual response would be the person hating you or not talking to you. Opposite of what you want, isn’t it? Whenever you criticize, it just causes the other person to feel angry and stand their ground. They will try to justify themselves no matter how wrong they are because that is human nature. Nobody will want to admit that they have done a mistake. So if you ever felt like criticizing, remember this and suck it in instead.

2.Smile. One thing that everybody should always do is to smile. Would you prefer talking to that guy or girl who has a smile on their face or the grumpy old man who is always frowning? I’m sure you would prefer the former. A smile provides an inviting presence towards others and people are more likely to approach you. Furthermore, lesser muscles are needed to smile than frown so why not smile often.

3.Give praises. While you should never criticize, it is alright to praise people. Go ahead, praise as much as you want. Simple words such as ‘thank you’ or ‘good job’ would definitely make a person feel appreciated. However, you should be sincere in your praises and not saying nice things just for the sake of it because people can tell that you are not being honest.

4.Listen.  Learn to listen to others more as it not only shows respect to the person you are talking to, it also show that you are interested. Like I said, people like to feel appreciated so when you give a lending ear to whatever problems, stories or experiences they might have, they are more likely to open up to you. So next time when you feel like blabbing about yourself, just stop and listen instead.

5.Look presentable. A good first impression is very important. What kind of impression we give will determine whether people would bother to even talk to us. To do that, make sure you dress well and look clean. Don’t just look clean but smell clean as well. You don’t want to look good but smell funky making people stay away from you. Wear deodorant or a fragrance to smell good.

6.Be yourself. Do not try to be somebody you’re not because people will eventually find out that you are a fake, most of the time. While it is cool to have a thousand friends but what is the point if they do not like you for who you are. You would probably end up losing most of them once you get tired of putting up a front. Just be you and people will like you for that.

With that, I hope you have found this article helpful and made more friends than ever. If people still do not like you after reading this, well forget about it, they do not deserve to be your friend anyway.