Before you start the 6 Week Body Makeover, you will need to decide what body type you are. Determining your body type will ensure that you choose the right foods for your body. Instead of using health shakes, meal bars, point systems and medicine, you will eat real freshly prepared food to lose weight. Before you can start preparing food, you will need to decide which foods to eat to increase your body's metabolism. The first step is to figure out which body type you have. This is done by using the Body Blueprint Questionnaire that is found in each body makeover package. There are 5 different types of body types and by the end of the questionnaire, you will chosen body type A, B, C, D or E. So what each body types?

Do you think you can fit into one of these categories?

A people have very slow metabolisms and are the fattest out of all the different bodies within the program. People with these bodies have struggled to lose weight and have been fat all over their lives. They are sensitive to many sugary foods and simple carbohydrates. Basically, anything that they eat with lots of sugar will be converted and stored as fat. These people need to cut the carbohydrates out of the diet, exercise more and eat more proteins.

B people have more muscle than the rest of the other body types but have characteristics of people who have slow metabolisms. They are able to build muscle easily but still have slow metabolisms. The trick for these people to lose weight is to speed up their metabolism through eating more frequent meals. They should consume less red meat, which makes them gain weight and eat more lean meats such as turkey breast and tuna.

C people are exactly like B people but these people are slightly more athletic and can eat more carbohydrates as their metabolisms are a bit faster than B body types. The 6 Week Body Make over program will ensure that you have the right amount of exercise and foods that fit your body. Carbohydrates are a complex issue and you can learn how much carbohydrate intake you need based on your body.

D people have slow metabolisms like A people and also do not have enough lean muscle tissue. These people need to eat a lot of red meat so that they can bulk up and gain muscle mass. The main reason why they cannot lose weight is because they do not have lean muscle to burn the calories required to lose fat.

E people are obese and have the characteristics of an A body type and a D body type. These people also need to focus on eating more red meats and require more exercise to slow the maximum amount of weight. Now that you know a little bit about each Michael Thurmond body type, which letter suits your body?