Wii controllers help gamers get the most out of their experience. This top-of-the-line game system has a number of games that are more interactive than ever before. Multi-player gaming is made easy due to the fact that the consoles have Internet access. Due to the number of game types available, the Wii has a variety of controllers available to make your gaming hassle-free. Many of these controllers are available at merchants such as CompUSA or Gamestop.com. Below is a list of some of the controllers available:

1. Wii Remote Controller

This Wii control is compatible with most of the Wii games. The controller utilizes the most updated motion-sensing technology. This allows gamers to perform tasks that once required multiple controller devices. One of the additional accessories that the controller replaces, for example, is the steering wheel required for many older games that feature cars. The controller includes connections that allow you to easily attach others devices that allow for easier game play. It also has a rumble feature that adds to the excitement of action games. The controller even has a speaker feature.

2. Nunchuk

The Nunchuk controller combines enhanced gaming features with remote-sensing technology. One of the things that this controller allows you to do easily is move your characters through the game, while performing other tasks with the Remote Controller. You'll want to make sure that the games you have are compatible with this device. This device connects easily to your Wii Remote Controller.

3. Classic Controller

This controller is essential for anyone playing downloaded classic Nintendo games on their Wii. The controller has all the necessary buttons needed to play older Nintendo games. It will only work with classic games and can't be used as a substitute for the Remote Controller. The Classic Controller plugs directly into the Remote Controller. It interacts with the Wii system via a wireless connection.

4. Classic Controller Pro

The Classic Controller Pro has many of the features of the Classic Controller. The ergonomic design makes the controller a better option for extended game play. Like the Classic Controller, the Pro only works with vintage Nintendo games downloaded via the Virtual Console feature. The controller will bring your classic game play experiences back to life. All of the necessary game play features for older games are included.

5. Wii Sensor Bar

The Sensor Bar is designed for use with games that require player arm movements. The Sensor Bar can safely be used up to 10 feet away from the console. It's also ideal for multi-player gaming, too. You can easily use four Sensor Bars with each Wii system. This allows multiple players to enjoy the same game without having to use different systems in different locations.

6. Wii Motion Plus

The Wii Motion Plus adds to the gaming experience for any game that requires player motion. The Motion Plus effortlessly connects to the Remote Controller. This allows players a greater degree of precision for some of the games. Players who are currently using the standard Remote Controller might want to consider this device as an add-on.