For most travelers, the hotel room isn't important. Maybe being clean and comfortable is important to them, but otherwise it is just a rest stop. A place to put your pack and lay your head for a bit before getting back to the adventure or trouncing about town. However, in certain places in the world, there is an odd revolution happening. Hotels are becoming as interesting as the destinations in question.  Everything from sleeping with the fishes underwater to freezing in a wondrous ice wonderland—a few hotels are aiming to make even sleeping an adventure.

Poseidon Undersea Resort

Poseidon Undersea Resort, Fiji

The Poseidon Undersea Resort is trying to change the meaning of the phrase  'sleeping with the fishes' from a seedy mafia threat back to its literal meaning. The hotel lies 40 feet under the ocean inside of an octopus garden, surrounded by crystal clear waters. Of course, it is not all underground, guests have their choice of above ground rooms with a private beach, over the water rooms, and of course under the water rooms.

If you have around $1,000 a night to fork over, you can complimentary access to a spa, bar, restaurant and gym. Of course, there are also the panoramic views of the ocean and it's sea life which is absolutely priceless.

Forest Hut Hotel

Forest Hut Hotel, Sweden

Like roughing it? Then you will love the Forest Hut Hotel. This Swedish hotel discards all the comforts of the modern world in an effort to make living out doors more fun than it already is. Forest Hut Hotel embraces a more primitive form of living that combines the harmony between man at Earth. When you arrive, you will find your hut, made from aged wood and earthen mounds beside the scenic Lake Skarsjon. Within its community of huts are candlelit rooms, shared outhouses, lakes and creeks for bathing, a homey crackling fire and all the wonders of nature around you.

Of course, food is one you with the nearest supermarket being a two mile hike or drive. If camping or living outdoors is not for you, it is probably best to pass up this hotel. However, if you have always wanted to camp but didn't want to buy the supplies or know how to go about it, this is a great experience.

Magic Mountain Hotel

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

Magic Mountain Hotel was originally just a place for the owners friends and family to stay while they enjoyed the hunting and fishing resources that the Hulio Hulio reserve has to offer. The hotel gets its name from a book of the same name that the owner enjoyed. the story tells the tale of a magic mountain whom had magical powers and granted wishes.

With the wildlife and lush scenery stirring around guests, as well as the waterfall running from the top of the mountain, permeating the surrounding with the peaceful sounds of rushing water, it is hard to believe that magic does not happen at the hotel.

The interior of Magic Mountain has all the comforts of home, decorated in a rustic style with natural wooden bed frames and wood panel walls. Of course, with the odd shape of the hotel, it comes with a lot of slating walls, so watch your head!

Capsule Hotel

Capsule Hotel, Japan

Ever want to feel like you were sleeping in a closed off bathtub? No? It you like your space or are maybe even a tiny bit claustrophobic, it is probably best you avoid Japan's Capsule Hotel. As Japan is an island and has to house a large amount of foreigners and citizens alike, saving space is all the rage. So thus, capsule hotels were born. It seems that most people don't like sleeping in spaces only slightly bigger than themselves, so most of them have since died out. However, this one still remains. True to its name, these cheap space saving rooms are little fiberglass pods measuring 2m by 1m by 1.25m, making it just big enough to sleep in.

Despite essentially looking like just a place to sleep, your tiny little hotel room is equipped with a communal laundry room, television and wireless internet. Perhaps the biggest bonus to Capsule Hotel is that the room, because they are so small, are also dirt cheap. It is definitely a bonus as Japan can be an expensive place to visit.

Ice Hotel, Sweden

Ice Hotel, Sweden

You like your hotel rooms cold, I mean really, really cold? Then the Ice Hotel in Sweden is definitely a place for you. However, it is only a seasonal accommodation. The Ice Hotel melts every summer and must be rebuilt anew in the winter seasons. However, it is not exactly expensive to recreate. The owners use tons of ice and snow taken from the Torne River, cemented with more ice and decorated with break taking ice sculptures. The Ice hotel also boasts an ice bar and chandeliers.

However, for those of you family with the Ice Bar in Miami, you will wonder how you can spend a whole night in the hotel? Ice bar only lets people stay for 20 to 40 minutes at a time before they have to venture into the hot Florida weather. Temperatures in the Ice Hotel are kept at a chilly 23 degrees Fahrenheit and guests are provided with pairs of thermal underwear, hats, and sleep in sleeping bags atop thick mattress covered in reindeer skins. So you definitely won't be too cold while you are sleeping there.

Wild Canopy Reserve, India

Wild Canopy Reserve, India

You thought your childhood tree house was pretty cool and would sleep in it every day if you could? Well, the Wild Canopy Reserve puts your tree house to shame. It has two deluxe tree houses that sit 41 feet above the ground in sturdy sprawling treeswith exotic wildlife all around you. Everything from elephant, to deer, to bison.

There is no electricity, but it is doubtful you will even notice with their fully stocked private library. it does, however, include a toilet, running water, and a Jacuzzi. While Jacuzzis are fun, you might find yourself a little distracted by the nature going on around you. Or filled with childlike glee over an adult-sized mega-tree house.