Starcraft 2 is an amazing real time strategy game where you can not only play ranked matches on ladder matches, but also play on custom games designed by Starcraft 2 gamers like you. Starcraft 2 custom games are usually more laid back than ranked ladder matches yet are still both entertaining and fun. If you simply want a brief break from the exhausting, competitive 1v1 mode, or you just like playing Starcraft casually, you should check out these extremely cool Starcraft 2 custom games!

1.SOTS, Also known as Storm of the Imperial Sanctum, is a DOTA like, Starcraft 2 4v4 game. You choose one of many heroes and try to destroy your enemy’s base. You can earn money to buy helpful items from the shop by killing enemy minions as well as enemy heroes. Each hero has a unique set of abilities that can be leveled up by gaining experience which is also gained from killing enemies. Teamwork is the essential factor in this game, and while more competitive than most of the other games, is still loads of fun.

2.Star Battle- Star Battle is similar to Storm of the Imperial Sanctum. You fight in a gigantic battleship with five fellow battleships (teammates) against six enemy battleships. Once again each battleship is different from each other, and you upgrade your battleship by killing other enemy ships. However the most important difference between this and Storm of the Imperial Sanctum, is that there is no respawn. When you die, you die.

3. Island Defense- Based on a Warcraft 3 map (Also called Island Defense) 12 builders (normal players) against one ultra strong Titan. The fragile builders which lose easily in a straight up fight, so you try to accumulate resources especially gold from a rock in the center (which the titan tries to guard) so you can eventually build up a base which is strong enough to kill the Titan. The Titan on the other hand goes roaming around the map trying to kill builders and bases to gain experience as well as gold which he can spend on items. A very fun map that never gets old (unless the titan is horrible).

4. European Risk Revulsion- European Risk Revulsion was another map inspired by its counterpart Risk Revulsion in Warcraft 3 Frozen throne. This game as it title indicates, is similar to the board game Risk, however several changes are evident. The first and most obvious is that there are no turns. It is a real time strategy game where you can constantly move your troops, as well as build troops at any time. You still receive reinforcements at time intervals based on the number of countries you control, but you don’t receive them at them at the beginning of the turn, you receive minerals which you can use anytime anywhere. Also unlike Risk where every soldier unit is the same, there are several different types of units, each of which are weak to a certain unit and counter a certain unit. There are 4 unique modes in this game, normal, dawn of man, world war (ww), and phantom. Normal is like Risk, you start with multiple bases spread out across the map and build whichever one you want. Dawn of man is where every player starts with one base, and world at war gives each player a country/countries, alliances are allowed as engage in epic team battles. Phantom is similar to the Phantom mode game mode above. 2 paladins who received increased income, along with the rest of the slayers (normal players) fight against the phantom, who receives much more income than the slayers, and like in phantom mode, no one knows who the phantom is

5. Micro Tournament- Micro tournament is an extremely fun Starcraft 2 custom game based on, you guessed it, micro. You choose a race and each round you are placed with an opponent. Whoever wins the battle moves on to the next round. With each round you win you accumulate points and eventually when someone gains enough points the win. Micro battles can vary from being very simple such as a band of reapers vs a group of zerglings, to more complex with armies of considerable size clashing. Micro tournament is very fun and good for practice.