Beautiful Flower ArrangementCredit: Betty Asphy

Beautiful Flower Arrangement


The 5 days leading up to Valentines Day will start as follows:

Day one

You will send your loved one flowers.   Your card might read  “Just Because I love You.”  Possibly you will have other words that you prefer.  The good thing about flowers is that guys or women will love them. They are not necessarily  real expensive flowers from a florist.  Several grocery stores   have fresh-cut flowers available to you. I have seen nice cut fresh flowers in Kroger’s and Meijer’s for $6.00 and $10.00.   I have seen some beautiful arrangements.   It is the thought that will count.

Day Two

Take your guy or woman to dinner.  Take them to their favorite restaurant.  Be sure it is somewhere that they like and not necessarily a place that you like.  Sometimes we tend to want to go to places that we enjoy, when our love one might prefer somewhere else.  Be considerate and remember this night is all about them.   If you decide to make dinner, that will be even better.   Then you can include all the favorite’s of your loved one.  This is an excellent way to enjoy each other.  What better way to have an enjoyable conversation than over delicious food.  

Day Three

How about taking the time to run the bath water for the one you love?   Or possibly your loved one prefers showers.   Prepare that shower with love.  Make sure you use their favorite bubble bath or shower gel.  

Day Four

Give your love one a "hands on treatment."      The power of touch is so amazing.    This again is all about your loved one.  This massage will relax them and take away that tension from a long day at work.  Your loved one will love you even more for this random act of kindness that is coming from you.  You are showing your love and affection in action.  What better way to show love?

Day Five

Your love one will be ecstatic when you send an electronic card on the computer.   It will not just be any electronic card, but a sexy electronic card.   Let your love  one know how sexy you know that they are.   Let your love one know how attractive you find them.  Let your love one know how much you adore them.  Although they are not  perfect, share with them that they are perfect for you.  What will these actions do?   They will boost your love one’s ego and build their  morale.   It will help your love one feel valued.   It will let your love one know that you are thinking about them.   It will let your love one know they do matter.

Day Six Valentines Day

This is the big day that you all  have waited for.   This day you will  give your love one a real Valentine’s Day Card.   They are not expecting this, because you gave them the electronic card on the computer  yesterday.   In your Valentine’s Day card include a gift card to their favorite store or real cash with  a personal note telling them how much that you appreciate them.  This note will be in your own words.  This will be coming from your heart.   Your loved one will just love this.  Anyone can buy a card, but it  takes much creativeness to put your own thoughts into actual words.  Let me know how this works for you.