7 of the Best

I have visited some boards that I really wanted to repin, but the use of cursive language on the board really caused me to change my mind.   I want to share with you a few of my best Pinterest Boards.

 Creative Hair

I find that the hair Pinterest boards are quite creative.  My creative hair board receives many daily repins and followers.  I presently have 77 followers and that number is growing.  This is a great board for me.   I love the hairstyles.  I have even tried some of the styles.   I love that some of the pinners go a step further by including tutorials.  That shows me that they are about helping and telling others what is working and what is not.  I can remember there was a time when You tube did not exist.  So on  You tube you  can find tutorials on just about any subject.


Benn Silbermann, founder of PinterestCredit: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, author Anya

 Benn Silbermann is the founder of Pinterest


Now however, those that are selling hair products are clearly known, because they list the selling price and make it no secret.   So for many Pinterest boards are where they derive much of their traffic for their business.  When I started on Pinterest, I was totally lost.  I had no clue about what to do. I had no idea what pinning was.  I really did not even see the point.  What I did know was that I am a visual learner.  Also, I see many things on Pinterest that interest me.    I started pinning most of my likes.  I had no idea that this Pinterest Board would grow to even 77 followers.  On my Creative Hair board you will see pancake French braids, cornrows (hair braided very closely to the scalp), Dred locks (matted coils of hair), twists, heart braids, natural hair, knotted braids, Senegalese braids (very fine two-strand twisted braids), and much more.  Senegalese twists braids can also be mixed in color and created with updo hair styles according to Thirsty.Root.com.

I love the hair Pinterest boards, because I can remember as early as 4-years-old styling my dolls hair. Can you picture this?  We had an old stove in our living room.  I would put a straightening comb on the stove and try to straighten my doll’s blonde hair.  I remember that vividly.


 Reading Tools

Under my Reading Tools board I am following a 4th grade teacher that has over 490,524 followers.  I know that I liked her classroom pins, but I am very impressed with her number of followers.  I have observed that Pinterest is basically for people who are visual learners.   It is more than a social media site, it is a learning site. I have definitely learned a lot at Pinterest.    Many school teachers share their knowledge from their classrooms.  I also, share what I have repinned from these sites.   Their techniques   are working for their children.  This reveals to me they are very caring people.  On the other hand, there are those teachers that have their web or blog sites connected to the Pinterest boards and when you visit their blog sites, they are selling many of the crafts or classroom sheets that they have created also.  At the Reading Tools you will find journal writing help, sight words, sound check charts, and more.

Just to see you Smile

I created this board, because laughter is just good for you.  It was my purpose to give people something to smile and laugh about. I love to have a good laugh.    Many of the pictures and videos that I have found definitely keep me laughing.   Some are cartoons that give a simple message.

Credit: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, author Anya

Source: askdoglady.com via Betty on Pinterest


For those that love animals you will find the animal Pinterest boards. You will see a variety of dogs and or cats.  In fact,  a variety of subjects to explore at Pinterest  range from A-Z.  You can find architect, design, home improvement, humor, travel, wedding, and much more.

 Beautiful Nail Board

I have received many repins and followers from my Beautiful Nail Board.   There are many pinners that will pin the different nails.  Also, again there are tutorials.    The tutorials now just make it so easy to create the nails that you want.  People like the "How To"  pins.  These pins are not only telling you how to do the nails, but the  tutorials   are showing you.  I love the different variations for the nails.  There is so much to do with your nails.   On my board you will see piano nails, scrabble nails, newspaper nails, gold champagne nails, pink bow nails, and much more.  These are nails that I never knew existed.

Credit: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, author Anya

Source: google.com via Betty on Pinterest


 Fabulous Shoes

My Fabulous Shoes board has received 98 pins and is still growing.  Here you will find crystal sandals, Gucci, lace temptress stilettos and much more. 

When I started pinning, a friend of mine told me to just pin what I like.  So I experimented and tried a few different things that I liked.  It was definitely trial and error at that time.    I had no idea that my Hair, Nail and Shoe Pinterest boards would attract so many followers and repins.  Those were things that I like.  Although I no longer wear those high heels, I still like to look at them, because I do remember wearing them high.  Now high heels are not that important to me, but  comfortable shoes are.

Healthy Eating Tips

I am all about healthy eating.  Although I may not do it all the time, I strive towards that mark.  I have given and received many healthful tips on Pinterest about healthy eating and exercise.  

Best articles and books to read

I also use my Pinterest boards to promote best articles and books.  I am able to promote my blog and several other  areas where I write.  I always want to share my favorite books, because I want others to know what I know.

Don’t be afraid the try Pinterest.  You may find that you  like it.  Do you have a favorite Pinterest board? [5315]